What is a Black Life and Why does it Matter?

Black Lives Matter Protest Photo Joshua Santos from Pexels

#blacklivesmatter has most definitely come up on your raider or social media. As police brutality has caused a stir up in the country, it leaves a lot of people wondering why? 

People of color are considered minorities, meaning they make up less than half of the population. Though, African Americans/Black people are killed by the police more than twice compared to White people, according to The Washington Post (2020). With the recent murder of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old, who was shot “accidentally” during a police stop. This was after the mass protesting of murders including, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.  So the question becomes why? 

So does the same America exist for everyone or only when it’s convenient to argue otherwise? The statistics prove different. 

According to The Washington Post( 2020), infant and maternal mortality rates are more than half a chance more likely to cause suffering among black mothers and children. While poverty and unemployment are higher in black communities, due to discrimination and racism. Black people are less likely to own homes, go to college and earn a higher income. 

The truth of the matter is there is a racially charged agenda and epidemic against people of color in America. This is what systematic racism and violence looks like. It is deeper than just black bodies and souls layed dead on the streets. But even then, why is that not enough to understand Black Lives do matter. This infects our school, health, and economic systems. 

America must work for all. We must find a space of safety and opportunity for marginalized communities and people of color. We must use our voices to fight against injustices and educate ourselves about the issues that arise in our country. It is with grace and understanding that we can make sweeping change across the nation, but we must have courage and put comfortability to the side to do so. So Black Lives Matter today and tomorrow and with the recognition, they should've mattered yesterday. 

man and woman laying down Photo by Julian Myles from Unsplash


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