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She was Brown 

We were to be convicted at birth for our felonies of being descended colored

Because no amount of sass or weaponry can combat the constant threat you’ll face just because you are colored 

Then at age 14, we start high school or puberty blooms and our own mothers resented us for being female

We were to be ashamed for the belongings of what was placed underneath our shirts and tucked away between our legs, and soon enough our bodies weren’t even our own, and we walk down hallways, and we were the exhibition because in our society your first mistake was to be colored your second was to be female so dare you speak of your joy for the blood that runs through your soul, your imprecation a hell raise threat to America’s finest men’s existence and confinement of your very own

So never stay blind 

This world will make its priority to ignore you

So I say to young black girls 

Be who you are 

And are you who you want to be 

So practice what you preach 

Leave your hair, skin and soul unbleached 

Love yourself and speak up even with shaky voices 

Despite all the poison

Colored skin, let’s rejoice it

Miya is a student at UNCW and a major in English and Elementary Education. She loves poetry and short story/creative writing is her favorite. When she’s not typing up new poetry in her notes app you can find her scoping out seashells on the beach and the hunt for new plants. Miya plans to self-publish and write professionally after graduation while taking center stage in the classroom to hopefully influence young pupils with literature.
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