Campus Celeb: Julie Reyes

Name: Julie Reyes

Year: Junior

Major: Communication & International Studies

Hometown: Chicago, IL but I reside in Winston Salem, NC now

Instagram: @julie_reyes498

Astrological sign: Taurus

Favorite show to binge: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Spirit animal: Cat 

(Mine is a cat too!)

HC: What are you involved in at UNCW & why?

JR: I am a Co-Correspondent/Co-President for Her Campus, Team Captain and Secretary for Study Abroad Ambassadors, and a Desk Receptionist for freshmen housing. I got involved with Her Campus because I knew I wanted to get into writing and journalism so this would a be a good place to start. I ended up really liking what the company offers and promotes like women empowerment and resources of landing your first job. With Study Abroad Ambassadors, I just really enjoyed talking about my study abroad experience and helping others find information on programs that UNCW offers. I applied for my job as a DR, because I remembered how helpful my DRs were when I was a freshman, so I knew I wanted to be that person for someone else starting their college experience.


HC: What is your favorite memory at UNCW?

JR: I know it sounds cheesy but all of the times I got to spend time with my friends even when we were at the library late studying or just grabbing food. Also, when my roommates and I moved into our apartment, we didn’t really know each other well but after a while, we got to bond a bit and ended up just sitting on the kitchen floor talking about our day at 12 am every day. Its memories like those that are my favorite and I think a lot of little memories make up one big happy time, so I hope to remember them forever.


HC: What is your favorite thing to do in Wilmington?

JR: Other than going to the beach, I really like going downtown Wilmington and grabbing coffee with my friends then walking around to different small businesses and shops. I also like to stop at the store Planet and Farming on Front because they have interesting things and the people there are always so nice. More people should check them out!

HC: What is your favorite place to eat out in Wilmington & what do you order?

JR: I honestly really like Islands because of how cheap their tacos are. My usual order is either two or three tacos (depending on how hungry I am) with pinto beans, yellow rice, chicken, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, and pickled jalapeños with salsa verde on top. But if I want to go to a sit-down restaurant, I really like Copper Penny downtown and I order their chicken Greek pita with sweet potato fries. I honestly don’t like sweet potatoes but I looove these fries!


HC: What do you hope to accomplish before you leave UNCW?

JR: Wow…I have never thought about this, but I think my goal right now is to finish. I am double majoring and double minoring, so I have a lot on my plate and with a year left I still have a lot to get done. Yet, I think before I graduate, I want to make our Her Campus chapter more known on campus and students would want to get involved with it.

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

JR: I honestly don’t know yet. I am only a junior, so I have a year to figure it out, but I have ideas where I like to be such as living in another country working as a journalist or teaching English someplace. All I know that I want to be living someplace else and challenging myself. Also, if all else fail I’ve been thinking about going to law school, so I have no idea, but no door is fully closed.


Thank you, Julie, for being a shining star here at UNCW and for leading our Her Campus chapter (along with Tally) through this rough past semester. Here's to a NEW and successful semester! If you catch Julie on campus, feel free to say hey and maybe even ask about how to get involved with Her Campus. 


[Photos courtesy of Julie Reyes]