10 Affordable & Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Room For Fall

As we are in the midst of fall and Halloween season, it's time to break out the decor items to transform your room in to a cozy, fall retreat. Many people presume this means going out and buying brand new, expensive pieces, when in fact, using things you already own or DIYing items can tie your room together just as well. Here are 10 affordable and easy ways to transform your room for the fall season. 


1. Switch Out Your Blankets

Blankets and bedding make a huge difference in your room. In fact, that's usually what most people notice first. So making sure you have a chunky knit, plaid, or even fall-related color blanket on your bed can bring your room to looking and feeling a lot more fall-ish. Plus, having a cute throw blanket calls for cozy Netflix nights with a hot chocolate (yum). 

2. Fall Theme Print/Sign

When I think of decor, I think about prints and signs on the wall. Switching out any summer-themed print, art, or signs and swapping them for fall sayings or paintings can really help give your room a fall vibe. My favorite examples are "Hocus Pocus", "Hello Fall", "Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please." Any other simple, cute sayings can bring a room together for the fall time of year. 

3. Glitter/Painted Pumpkins

Glitter and/or painted pumpkins can be an affordable and easy way to customize your room to your personal style. Working with fake pumpkins can make the process smoother and will last a longer time, but if you want to carve a pumpkin and place it on your night-stand, that would do the trick too. (Get it?...because it's Halloween season?)

4. Cinnamon Stick Candle

This easy DIY can not only make your bed-side table look amazing, but also smell amazing as well. All you will need is a candle jar, cinnamon sticks, and a hot glue gun. First line up all of the cinnamon sticks and cut them to the correct height you want them to be, and then start gluing them onto the glass until it's filled all around. 

5. Leaf Picture Garland

Using fake leaves to display pictures can be a creative and fun fall-themed project to incorporate into your room. All you will need is fake leaves, fishing line, glue, and pictures. Take the fake leaves and pictures to glue them to the fishing line and hang each string up individually until you have your desired look. 

6. DIY Fall Pillows

This DIY is very similar to number 3 as you have the ability to customize exactly what you want to create or write on the pillows. Having a bunch of cute fall-themed pillows on your bed can really spice up any plain bedding into something fun and exciting. Using fabric paint and a blank decor pillow, write any saying or create any design to make the perfect fall pillow for your bed. 

7. Leaf Wreath

Leaf wreaths or even pinecone wreaths is one of the easiest and fastest ways to decorate your room. All you are going to want is a Styrofoam ring, leaves/pine cones, and a hot glue gun. Start by mapping out where you want everything, and once you finish, you can start gluing it all down until you cover up every part of the Styrofoam ring. If you're feeling even more crafty, you can paint the pine cones or leaves to match the accent colors of your room.

8. Fairy Lights

Don't lie...you have these up all year. But, they definitely make any room look cozier in any situation. 

9. Rustic Blanket Basket

Using a cute and simple wired basket can give an extra touch of fall. This can be a great way to display all of your cute, chunky blankets that you bought way too many of from Target...

10. Fall-Themed Terrarium

If you are someone who loves to have living plants in your space, a fall-themed terrarium can be a unique and creative way to showcase your love for fall. 

Hope these tips helped & happy Fall!!


[Photos courtesy of Pinterest.com]