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Campus Celeb: Ashley Montano

Name: Ashley Montano

Major: International Relations and Journalism

Age: 20

Class: junior

Ashley Montano is Editor- In- Chief for Her Campus magazine at UNCO! She chartered the chapter in spring of 2014. This magazine has sky rocketed into popularity amongst the female population here on campus. The amazing thing is that it still has room to grow! HC gives a place for aspiring writers to show off what they’ve got! This magazine contains: campus cutie, campus celebrities, events on campus, blogs, style blogs, news stories, and a poll! We owe this amazing additon to UNCO to HC Headquaters and Ashley Montano for taking the lead on our campus!

HC: What do you like the most about being Editor- In- Chief?

Ashley: I love that I get to read what my peers are writing about. I think there is so much talent on this campus and HC UNCO really gives a place for writers to shine. I also love seeing and getting a say in who is being featured each week! There are so many amazing people at UNCO they deserve to be recognized!

HC: What are you goals for the future?

Ashley: My main goal is to become a writer for a style magazine! I have always loved to write and I think that it is the only thing that I am decent at. I would also love to work for Disney one day! I have many dreams, and that is what makes life you exciting, you know? Life allows you to do accomplish many things! Not just one! I think having one career in my life would be quite boring. In my opinion.

HC: Do you plan on being Editor- In- Chief next year?

Ashley: I will be taking a break from this position in the fall of 2014.This is because I will be extremely busy with school. I will keep writing or HC though. I will be Editor- In-Chief again in the Spring of 2015. I couldn’t imagine leaving it completely, I love it too much! I want to see it grow!

HC: What advice can you give aspiring writers?

Ashley: I would say that you just have to keep pushing. There will be numerous of doors that will slam in your face, but you can’t let that stop you. Have tough skin! There is always a spot for aspiring writers at HC UNCO! I think that everyone deserves a chance to make this organization all that it can be. I still have a lot to learn and HC is just the beginning. So that’s all the advice that I have.

HC: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Ashley: Honestly, I love to do crazy things with my friends. I can’t stand staying inside the house for too long because I get antsy. I believe that I will be boring when I get older, and now is the time to make life long memories. I love my friends and sorority sisters, and anytime I get a chance to hang out with them, I will.


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