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Campus Celeb: Allison Snatchko


This week’s Campus Celebrity is Senior Allison Snatchco. This young Lady is an inspiration to girls all around campus. Allison is an avid member of her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, where she has held a multitude of positions. She is an active participant in the Business School, and interning for a Chemical Depot in Pueblo, during the summers. On top of all that, she still has time to enjoy skiing in Breckenridge. On top of all the amazing work she has put into her last three years at UNCO, she can now add the amazing honor of winning the Daniels Fund Ethics Competition, with her teammates Kelley Robinson and Erika Wesselink. The Daniels Fund Ethics Competition gives teams a case, involving an organization, which needs a solution to an ethical issue. I sat down with Allison to find out a little bit more about her team, and how they worked to achieve first place in this prestigious competition.

HC: Why did you choose to get involved in the Ethics Competition?                

Allison: I first got started last year in my Business Ethics class.  We were presented with the opportunity to take part in the competition during Ethics week last semester. Three of us from our class decided to enter the competition.  I think I was particularly interested in one of our projects in class where we had to interview companies for the BBB Torch Award. Our team became involved and inspired by actions of the company we interviewed. I think getting involved in any organization, or activity, on top of going to classes, is a great experience and can help anyone grow. 

HC: What was your project on?

Allison: Our case last year was about a company whose competitor may be committing espionage.

HC: What would you say the best and worst part of this project was?

Allison: The worst part of the project was finding times in our busy schedules to meet. All three of us are seniors, and involved I other clubs and organizations. It was a little difficult to find free time for all of us to meet.  The best part of the project was the experience! Winning was second, but it was amazing to question our ethics, and the pressure of presenting to the panel made us feel empowered. I think it gave me confidence, interest, and drive to keep pursuing business and my future. 

HC: How do you think the Monfort College of Business prepared you for such a competition?

Allison:  I think the Monfort College of Business helps give me confidence and discipline to get involved. We have a great group of professors, advisers, and staff that really support us and encourage us to do our best. I think I have gained so much independence from my classes and these experiences with my classmates!  

HC: What does your next competition involve and where will it be held?

Allison: Since our next competition is more intense, our team will have a few brainstorming sessions. Until we start to formulate our solution. Then we will prepare an executive summary and presentation that we will present April 15th-16th at the competition. After our presentation, we will be given another piece of the competition, which we will have just a few hours to prepare a solution to present again. This competition will be held in Denver, Colo.

Allison is such an enjoyment. To hear all about her accomplishments and strides is amazing. All of us at Her Campus wish her and her team good luck! Allison also wanted to give a quick shout out to Kelley Robinson and Erika Wesselink for being the best partners she could ask for! To end this article on a final note, Allison says “Thank you and Go Steelers!”

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