Six Things You Actually Need For a Girls Night In

  1. 1. The Almost Rotten Avocados in Your Fridge

    They’re beyond the point of eating but thank goodness you remembered that one blog on Pinterest you found three months ago, explaining how the healthy fats in avocados are good for your complexion. You then remember ALL of the other things in your fridge that the internet said you could benefit from, like mayonnaise and egg yolks. Use it all. Any of it. Make the most epic and unique face mask of your life, because when are you going to have time to do this again?

  2. 2. Illegally Streamed Movies

    Netflix is a go-to for most TV shows and movies, but that ONE movie that you just so happen to want to see is just not on Netflix. You refuse to allow rental charges to get in the way of your relaxing night in, so illegal streaming it is!

  3. 3. The Sweatpants You Got From Goodwill That Are at Least 3 Sizes Too Big

    This is just self-explanatory.

  4. 4. The Supplies For Smoothies That You Aren’t Going to Get Around to Making

    Being healthy feels good. It’s healthy, fruity, goodness that is “guilt free.” Except, at a girls’ night we do not judge. This is a safe space for you to live life as you were meant to. So, when those smoothies never get made...we say ~ oh well ~, and move on to the potato chips.

  5. 5. The Trash Food That You’re Actually Going To Put Into Your Body

    You never got around to making the smoothies, it’s now 2 am, and these are the things you’re actually going to eat. All of them. In one sitting. Yes, the Doritos, the mini crullers, and the soda. Cherish the junk food and forget about the negative implications you just signed yourself up for.

  6. 6. A Really Good Friend to Share in Your Proclamation of Self-Care

    You both decide that this girls’ night is exactly what you need and what you deserve. You also can’t forget the two-hour long conversation about how neither of you knows the meaning of life.