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Hello ladies, it’s nearing the end of February and you know what that means… the weather is bitterly cold and the second round of exams are nearing. That sounds like a terrible combination to me! Coming back from winter break was tough, and I felt myself struggling to stay on top of school, juggling relationships between family and friends while also keeping up with myself. After all, isn’t college about focusing on yourself? The first few weeks of the second semester were rough, so I decided to start something. I would focus on a word a day that would help me to become a better student, a better friend, a better significant other or more simply – a better version of myself.

Monday: Man oh man, Mondays are hard. Everything about them – waking up, going to class, knowing you have to endure four more days to get to that desired thing we call the weekend. So if they suck so much, why should we be in a good mood? The word for Monday is kindness. The majority of the population is probably feeling the same way your feeling about the first day of the work week. So, be kind – give others a compliment; compliments really do make the heart smile! I tried smiling at others as I walked past them in hallways or on the sidewalks. Any form of kindness is welcomed as it makes for a good beginning to the week. It makes you feel good and definitely makes others feel good as they begin their week as well.

Tuesday: Near the beginning of the semester, I caught myself just going through the motions in everything I did. Class at 10? Get up, sit in class, watch the clock until the professor released us. A meeting after dinner? I would just wish it was over before it even started. I invite everyone to be present in their day. This is one of my favorite things that I have started to focus on because every day matters. You don’t get a do-over! I learned that if you put your effort and fully become present in everything you do, things become a lot more fun. Life becomes pretty awesome. Now, don’t give me wrong – it sure is exhausting to do that, especially when that morning coffee didn’t do its job. However, if you try to fully engage in a conversation between a peer, you might learn something new about them. If you fully engage yourself in a lecture, you might discover a new passion. Life will start to take on a new meaning as you become present in your everyday actions.

Wednesday: Okay, we’re halfway through the school week! It is so incredibly easy to want to take a hiatus and binge watch “Planet Earth” for hours. It’s too easy to put school in a file located at the very back of your brain. But stop right there, it’s time to focus on what is important. It’s time to mentally or physically write down your priorities for the rest of the week. This could be knocking out 3 homework assignments, calling your mom or spending time with your BFFs. Focus on what’s important in that day, and fire it out.

Thursday: Thursday’s word is still a work in progress for me, as I am not very good at going outside of my comfort zone. Be courageous. Do something completely out of the norm, out of your norm. Disregard others’ judgments and do what you need to for yourself. Tell someone how you truly feel, start playing a new instrument even though you know absolutely nothing about or cut your bangs (something I have always wanted to do). In the end, you live for yourself, so be brave.

Friday: It’s Friday, my girlies! Be CONFIDENT. Who cares if that boy does not like that pink fur coat or those floral patterned boots? After all, nothing is more beautiful than a girl who displays her confidence. You are a beautiful, intelligent and lovely woman. It’s time for you to start believing it! Show some self-love on this last day of the school week and be who you are!

Saturday: I don’t know about you all, but Saturday is the day where I struggle to remain productive. After all, it is the weekend! I need motivation. I strive to be motivated so that I can make use of my time away from the classroom. This could be redecorating my room, going to work out or going out to explore Kansas City.  

Sunday: Extroverted or introverted, everyone gets tired of running around and being a social butterfly every moment of each day. Sunday is a day to focus on restoring yourself and simply just to relax. I know what you’re thinking… how can you possibly be relaxed when emails and assignment notifications are popping up left and right from professors and your organization meetings are also getting rescheduled. It’s impossible to think about anything other than school. Remember to take a deep breath and understand that it will all be okay. Take a Sunday afternoon nap (my personal favorite) and watch your favorite movie or blast your favorite artist in your room. Do whatever is your “fix” and get yourself ready for a new week as your best version of yourself!

There you have it – seven words to focus on each day to help you become a better version of yourself. The ultimate goal is to represent all of these qualities each and every day, but it takes a while to get there. The words that motivate me or that I focus on could be different from your words you want to incorporate in your life. Change the words and the days around so it matches your life and goals! I hope each of you all find that these words or your own words help you to grow each day, each week and hopefully each year. Good luck!

Hannah is currently a sophomore at UMKC, majoring in Pre-Pharmacy. She is a feminist & a Jesus Lover. She enjoys listening to alternative music, fashion, and the color yellow. Hannah is a supporter of G2 pens and loves meeting new people!
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