UMKC's 2019 Roo Royalty Candidate: Leah Israel

Name: Leah Israel

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

Organization: Alpha Delta Pi

Favorite Thing about UMKC: I love the sense of community the school offers! There are friendly faces everywhere I go, whether it be the professors or students, there is never a shortage of helping hands. The relationships I've made here have been a major contributing factor to my enjoyment and success at this school!

Best Part of Courtwarming so far: Getting the opportunity to participate in so many activities with my friends has been the most rewarding part of Roo Royalty, so far. It has brought me closer to them, as well as given me an opportunity to get closer with people from other organizations!

Why should people vote for you: ADPi has given so much to this university and our community. I am privileged to represent an organization that has instilled not only the values of ADPi but that of UMKC- acceptance, drive, leadership, amongst many others.  By voting for me, you are voting for an outstanding group of women who support one another and others endlessly, strive to constantly grow into the best versions of themselves and who are going to make a tremendous mark on this world!