UMKC's 2019 Roo Royalty Candidate: Cathey Belcher

Name: Cathey Belcher

Major: Criminal Justice and Criminology (CJC) and Psychology  

Minor: French

Year: Sophomore

Organization: Alpha Sigma Alpha

Favorite thing about UMKC: My favorite thing about the campus, and it is weirdly specific, is the faculty in the CJC and Psychology Departments. I am sure this can be said for every department, but these two departments always make me feel welcome and want me to be as involved as possible. My teachers email me and speak with me whenever they have an extra-credit opportunity, internship available, or simply just want to speak about interesting class topics. They keep my college experience interesting and I cannot wait for the next few years with them!

Best Part of Courtwarming so far: The best part of Courtwarming so far is being able to see all of my peers and sorority sisters come to these events throughout the week to support not only UMKC but myself as an individual. It is a good feeling to know that people are willing to take time out of their class schedules and personal lives to participate in Bubble Soccer Tournaments and Trivia Nights with me. It has also been amazing being able to meet so many new people, specifically the other candidates. I never could have imagined making so many positive connections with other organizations on campus!

Why should people vote for you?: I hope I can earn your vote by being an active and energetic candidate at each of the Courtwarming events! It would also be fitting if I won because I have a history of celebrating Mardi Gras/French Culture with my hometown friends and family, and the theme this year is “Masquerade Bash on Cherry Street!” Win or lose, I am grateful to be given the chance to represent my sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha and UMKC in the best way I can!