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I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to sitting down at the end of December and making my list of resolutions. At first, it can almost be exciting, thinking up all of the amazing things to come from the new year: working out, getting good grades, making new friends, etc. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for most people, myself included. We’re all guilty of doing it, creating new year resolutions and not following through, and it’s important to consider the benefits of using the same concept each month instead.

1. Less of a Commitment

In all honesty, 365 days is a long time to keep up with working out, eating healthier or any other resolution that might not be normal to everyday life. There isn’t a good reason why the long commitment of a year couldn’t be shortened to the less intimidating commitment of a month. I feel much more confident in being consistent with the idea of working out if it is only four weeks. Once you know what works for you, it’s easy to let it go or keep the monthly resolution going.

2. More Opportunity to See What Works

Last year, I decided I was going to have a resolution for each month. I had so many ideas and things I wanted to stick with but knew with past experience I would fail horribly if I attempted to do all things. In choosing the monthly resolution path, you now have 12 opportunities to try something new. If those resolutions stick, you can continue building on them.

3. Less Intimidating

While it is less of a commitment, choosing to do new month resolutions rather than starting over every year is much less intimidating. You feel more confident in being able to keep up with whatever resolution you have chosen, and you won’t feel as bad if you choose to back off from that plan or goal. While that may seem contradictory, as students and adults the stress is a never-ending battle most face. If you are already stressed about bills, homework and extracurricular activities, why would anyone want to add a resolution to that list? To answer, you probably wouldn’t. This gives you the opportunity to grow and enhance abilities and experiences through a less intimidating path.

I have always been a fan of self-enhancement and ways I could improve and better myself. Hopefully, you choose to start the tradition of a new month resolution to build your confidence. Once it becomes a habit, it no longer has to be a hassle or resolution. It simply becomes a way of life. If you need any ideas for some resolutions you could try next month, with helpful hints on how to achieve them, try this link!



Jenna is a Communication major with an emphasis in film and media at the University of Missouri- Kansas City. She has always enjoyed writing and reading and has a strong interest in films, television, and the entertainment industry as a whole. She hopes after graduation in 2019 to move to California to pursue film, acting, screenwriting, directing, event planning, and photography.
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