Breaking a Habit: The Habit Jar

As someone who has many habits I would like to break, I started thinking about what I could do to change. Recently, I came up with the idea of the “Habit Jar.” The great thing about this idea is that it truly is a win-win situation. Below are the steps to breaking all of your habits, while helping others. The basic concept is that you keep a hypothetical jar where you charge yourself each time you perform the habit you are attempting to break. At the end of the time period you set, you donate whatever money you have to whatever cause you would like to donate to. The steps are listed below to help explain a little more in-depth about the idea of a “Habit Jar.”


  1. 1. Figure out what habit(s) you want to start with.

    This specific habit could be anything from biting your nails to thinking negative thoughts. The great thing about this specific idea is that it can be 100% customized to each person.

  2. 2. Decide a time frame.

    When I started using a “Habit Jar,” I chose to reset my jar app every month. I recommend doing it monthly as it allows you to continually see your progression and help more than one organization.

  3. 3. Decide the amount of money.

    You can choose to do this concept with as many habits as you would like at one time. Some of those habits might be more important to break and these can cost more money. For example, if you want to stop biting your nails and being negative, but you really want to stop being negative, each time you bite your nails might cost you a dollar while each time you are negative can cost you five dollars.

  4. 4. Find an app to Keep Track.

    While you don’t have to keep track of your habit costs on an app, I would recommend finding one you like. It will make it easier and you will always have the jar as long as your phone is with you. I personally found it challenging to find a free app, mine was only a dollar and it is called “Swear Jar Pro.”

  5. 5. Decide where you are going to donate.

    This specific step is all about preference and personal experience. There are so many amazing non-profit organizations that need any assistance they can get, finances included. Check this link out if you need any ideas on where to donate your “Habit Jar” funds.  

If these steps are followed, you can break the habits you might not have been able to break yet. The best thing about this is, even if you don’t break the habits, you are going to be giving money to those who need it. There really isn’t a way to lose with the idea of the “Habit Jar.”