Why Organic Products Might be for You

Not all organic ingredients are helpful to your skin but the ones that are could make a world of difference. What exactly are organic products? These are solutions are made up of more than 95 percent plant-based ingredients. These are natural ingredients that have been processed without using pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals.


Parabens, dyes, preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, artificial color or fragrance are just a few things to avoid on the label when finding the right organic product for you. Those few elements could even cause skin sensitivity with prolonged use or even allergic reactions. Now what is the difference between natural and organic? Natural ingredients should be a part of your everyday life but organic products take natural to the next level. Not everything that is natural is organic.


Often times, those products that are mass-produced and contain those synthesized ingredients will dry out your skin because they contain drying agents such as sulfate. Keeping your skin moisturized will help prevent breakouts and it will overall just feel so much better. Not to mention, softer! Also, look for opaque, non-jar packaging to minimize the toxicity and possible break-down of the product that can be found in other containers.


I know you might be thinking “organic products are out of the question for me, I can not afford that nonsense.” But here’s the thing, you totally can! Organic products will be more cost efficient in the long run because they are such high quality beauty products. You do not need to use a lot to get the full benefit, making them last significantly longer than those big name brands. Think of it as investing in the future.