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Kirwin-Blanding Complex to be Converted to Green Space

Since 1967, standing tall on the south part of the University of Kentucky’s campus, have been the two towers of the Kirwan-Blanding Complex.


In late 2017, UK announced plans to demolish the two towers, Kirwin and Blanding.


The demolishment of the towers will cost the university $15 million rather than the over $100 million cost to maintain the buildings.


UK Housing Project Implementation Director, Penny Cox, said that money was not the only motivation, however.


Cox said the living conditions were not where they need to be, and capacity of the towers was a problem, too.


Senior Karly Walker, who lived in Kirwan Tower her freshman year, called it “bittersweet” that the towers are coming down.


“I’m excited to see what UK will do with the green space they plan to create, and how students will utilize this new campus space,” Walker said. “But I found that living in the towers my first year had been a valuable and rewarding experience.” 


The plan for the new space, is to add a new green space for students to enjoy. Cox said this will create a new environment for students and encourage to them to engage.


Cox also said it would “connect everything.” The new green space would be nearby the Seaton Center, Johnson Center and Pieratt Fields.


Jesus Avina, UK sophomore, said she likes the plan and thinks it will benefit the university.


“It’s not only a great way for the university to make use of what is arguably the prettiest, and most secluded place on campus, but also gives to the students that ultimately make this school what it is,” Avina said.


The towers are set to be demolished within the next 12 to 18 months, and Cox said it will be “at least two years” until the new green space will be ready.

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