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5 Ways to Spring-ify Your Room

Nothing puts me in the crafty mood more than the prospect that it will soon be warm enough for me to walk to class without wearing a parka typically recommended for subzero, Alaskan winters. Not to brag or anything, but my low-budget spring decorating game is pretty strong. Here are a few of my favorite spring-ifying methods that will keep you from going insane come Daylight Savings.


Find a low-maintenance companion

Obviously, animals are not decorations! However, adopting a fish is an easy way to boost your mood through companionship and promote a living, spring-y vibe in your room. My betta, Jeremy Fisher, seriously ups my decor game and gives me company as I slave over my biology homework. Betta fish are both colorful and easy to maintain, and they only cost about $5 from a local or chain pet store. Small tanks can be anywhere between $5-20.

Total cost: $5-25


Flower power

College is not an ideal time to cultivate a gardening hobby, but it is extremely easy to incorporate the spring trademark of live flowers into your room’s decor. Succulents or small flowering plants are extremely inexpensive and instantly brighten up any windowsill. I found my tiny pot of pink buds (as seen in picture one) at Trader Joe’s for just $1.99!

Total cost: $1.99




My grandmother is what I would call a craft-master, and she taught me to never throw out a glass bottle or a cardboard box. Here is how I emulate her thrifty style.

  • Remove labels from a glass bottle of your choice and wash with dish soap.

  • Paint a white base coat then cover the surface color of your choice. Paint on designs or patterns, or just leave it a solid color. Alternatively, you can use Washi or patterned Duct tape to carefully cover all of the glass.

  • Tie a ribbon over the neck of the bottle for an added touch.

These bottles can be used as vases, other receptacles or just used as decoration.

Total cost: $4-15



Artistic Organization

Nothing makes me feel like my life is put together more than making my desk appear perfectly styled and chic. The good thing is, no one even has to know I shove all the decorations off my desk every night when I do homework.

  • Find a magazine or book with an illustrative/decorative cover. Planners with fun covers are also great. Place it “effortlessly” on the desk/tabletop surface you are working on. I use the Vogue subscription my mother accidentally ordered for this step.

  • Add a cool box, picture frame or other displayable items to the desk. After all, this space should look functional as well as decorative.

  • Invest in some cute Post-Its. My fruit loop notes bring some fun to my set-up and are totally useful. Remember to throw some fun pens into the mix as well.

Total cost: FREE-$10



Cork board DIY

These are super easy decorations to help update your room with the season.

  • Get some cork board tiles from a craft store or online. I got a package of 8 from Amazon for $14.84. For a more finished look, cut off the edges to make an octagonal shape.

  • The options are limitless. You can glue pictures or other relatively flat objects to the boards or paint them. For one of mine, I cut up several gift bags I had with floral and polka-dot patterns, then I used those pieces to make a collage on half for a pop of color. On another one, I used pictures and other mementos of my family. The material is extremely versatile and works with any media!

Total cost: $14.84-30


The most important thing to remember with spring-ifying projects is to incorporate your personal interpretations of decor and stay true to your style. Decorating on a budget is a challenge, but it is worth it to wake up in a room where you truly feel at home!



Photos by Mackenzie Howe

Mackenzie is a current freshman at the University of Kentucky. She spends most of her time making bad Twitter jokes, hanging out with her many four-legged animal family members, or eating an unhealthy amount of marshmallows (as pictured). 
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