Midterm Conclusions

The recent midterm elections were, without a doubt, the most important elections in recent political history. The discontent with the current administration had people wanting to make their voice heard about how they want the next two years to go until the 2020 presidential elections.

These elections brought out record engagement, especially by young people. Millennials made up 31% of the votes in this election. This is a huge jump from the 20% of millennials that came out to vote in the 2016 presidential election. So much involvement by the youth of our country prompted notable successes that we had in this election.

First, one of the biggest successes are that there is now a democratic majority in the house. While there were still several states where Republican candidates won, in most states, it was a very close race. Most candidates, either way, were off by a small percentage. The deep divides within the parties can be seen with the difference between city and rural voters. It seems that both sides seem to be strengthening their alliances. The rural voters are aggressively advocating for Republican candidates, while city voters are relentlessly advocating for Democratic candidates. While both sides are strengthening ties to their party, it is important to be noted that the Republican party is heavily dependent on a certain demographic of voters, most of whom are older voters.

While there is a Democratic majority in the house, it is also important to recognize the hefty Republican gains in the Senate. Republicans were able to pick up formerly held Democratic seats in Indiana, North Dakota, and Missouri. Specifically, on the issue of abortion, this gives them greater territory to make those areas more right on the issue. Since there were anti-abortion candidates, this makes it a greater possibility to confirm judges that will oppose Roe v. Wade protections, a key issue in the current political conversation.

This elections also proved a major victory for women.  In New Jersey, in a district previously held by President Trump in the 2016 election, there were three seats flipped to the Democratic side with the only woman, Mikie Sherrill, who won by the largest margin. Abby Finkenauer and Cindy Axne were able to switch seats that were previously owned in Iowa by Republicans. In Chicago, Lauren Underwood was able to topple a Republican incumbent.

Overall, this elections definitely proved historic. While the results were more equal than what many people expected them to be, there were still great successes on either side. These election results are able to keep us intact up until the next major political shift in our nation.