Katy's New Scent Makes You Dig Deeper

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The power of scent is often one that is overlooked. How someone smells can often clue us in to what kind of person someone is. A light and flowery smell reminds us of someone who is innocent, while a more fruity smell can remind us of a more flirtatious individual. We’ve all had moments where a certain scent reminded us of someone in particular. We stop what were doing, and try to remember this lovely memory of a person that we had the privilege of loving at one point or another.

Katy Perry’s new perfume, Indi, is one of those personalized scents. I have never smelled something like it before. The perfume is described as a floral woody musk fragrance whose top notes are white tea, plum and bergamot. While it comes off as a more masculine scent at first, once you stick around for the middle and bottom notes, there’s a floweriness that is undeniable.

Smelling this perfume for the first time was definitely something that was a new experience. The type of personality the individual who would wear this scent is left as a mystery. There’s an overall sweet and musky smell, but the perfume still has a hint of bergamot that brings you back into the middle ground between masculine and feminine.

However, it being a feminine scent, it was sure to have some effect on men. To help me envision what this girl would look like, I let my boyfriend smell the perfume to give me his opinion on the type of girl he would expect to wear this scent. His response was that he was reminded of the lighthearted smart girls from high school that kept to themselves because they were shy, but very sweet overall.

This perfume clearly has an effective scent that cannot be recreated. Once you spray it on, the lighthearted and innocent woman will make herself known to the world around her.

That’s the power that Katy’s new Indi has

(Photo by Lana El Masri)