Embracing Your Wild Side with Animal Prints this Fall

Print is bold and luxurious. Whether simply an accessory or a flashy, furry coat, animal print is quick to catch the eye. After a small hiatus from mainstream fashion, animal print clawed its way back into Instagram feeds in late September. If you typically stay away from bold, attention grabbing styles, the incorporation of animal print into your closet is the best way to show your wild side this fall with little discomfort.

Unsure about how to incorporate print into your fall wardrobe? There are a few ways you can let your inner cat out of the bag!

The easiest incorporation of print is in accessories. Pairing the typically fall colors, namely white, black, shades of orange, brown, tan, and green, with leopard, cheetah, or snakeskin print will give you a seamless, fashionable look in every outfit!

A few accessories worth mentioning are shoes, belts, and earrings. Leopard or cheetah print block heeled pumps with ankle straps, or typical pumps, can be easily paired with jeans and a top of any fall color. The resulting look is incredibly chic and effortless! A skinny print belt or tortoiseshell earrings are a more subtle of incorporating this style into more formal fashion. If you are looking for a way to incorporate print into your warm, winter wardrobe specifically, animal print booties, loafers, and mules are the best way to go! Moreover, leopard and cheetah print shoes are quite easy to thrift when you need to make fashion more affordable! The key to rocking animal print with a timid or more subdued style is to pick your favorite print accessory and pair it with neutrals for every other part of your outfit.

The best and most bold uses of print this fall have been crew neck shirts, thicker denim-style print coats and jackets, animal print skinny jeans or cuffed, bootcut jeans, and the typical fluffy, faux fur trench coat.

Animal print is our new BFF this fall, ladies! Dump the tired, basic fall looks and pumpkin spice up your wardrobe!