Why You Should Watch 'One Day at a Time'

One Day at a Time debuted on Netflix in 2017, and now has two seasons available for watching online. It is awaiting renewal for a third season, and continues to gain critical and fan acclaim. Netflix's version of One Day at a Time is based on a 1975 show of the same name. Justina Marchado stars as Penelope, a veteran who struggles with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Penelope lives with her two children, Elena (Isabella Gomez), a self-proclaimed social justice warrior, and Alex (Marcel Ruiz), who glues the family together, and her dramatic mother Lydia (Rita Moreno). Their neighbor and landlord Schneider (Todd Grinnell) has forced/charmed his way into this loving Cuban family, and Dr. Berkowitz (Stephen Tobolowsky) is Penelope's boss and Lydia's "friend". Here's five reasons to watch the show.

1) It covers tough topics.

One Day at a Time does not shy away from covering controversial and current topics. It depicts the racism the family faces, and it depicts Penelope being treated differently at work because she's a woman of color. Elena has a particularly strong storyline about coming out as a lesbian, and facing discrimination from within her own family because of it. Mental illness is frequently discussed as well.

2) It's funny.

Though the show can get quite serious, there's tons of funny moments. Rita Moreno shines as the once-dance teacher Lydia, a proud Cubano woman who wakes up every morning to loud Spanish music and dances her way through her morning routine. Schneider often copes with his telling stories about his past addictions through humor, and Elena is a particularly proud dork.

3) It's important representation.

This kind of representation of a Latinx family is incredibly important to see on television today. In addition, the show's co-showrunner is Gloria Calderon Kellet, who was born in the United States to Cuban immigrants herself.  The show was already going to be rebooted by Norman Lear and Brett Miller, but it "took on a decidedly Cuban accent when Kellett signed on." In our current political climate, things are uncertain for immigrants, and this show addresses that. Lydia and Schneider (a Canadian) both explore citizenship in season two.

4) There's a character everyone can relate to.

Be it the working mom or the teen struggling to figure out who they truly are, these characters are down-to-Earth and relatable. Even the seemingly self-absorbed Lydia has her unguarded moments that reveal her larger than life personality is a mask. 

5) The writing is incredible.

There's no way you can get through an episode without laughing or crying or both. Even in thirteen-episode seasons, all the characters have been well-developed and hold their own storylines that connect with the other characters well. There's never a dull moment or an "off" plot-line.

One Day at a Time currently has 26 episodes on Netflix that are only half an hour long each, perfect for binge-watching or taking it slow. So, get to it!


Thumbnail courtesy of Netflix.