Top Ten 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Songs

Musical, comedy and drama show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s third season ended last week, and now it awaits renewal for a potential fourth season or cancellation. The first two seasons are available now on Netflix for binge-watching. As we wait on The CW for a decision, now’s the perfect time to look back on ten of our favorite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend musical numbers.


1. Buttload of Cats

A song from the penultimate episode of season three, this one's for all the lonely ladies out there envisioning themselves living a life of solitude with several cats for company.


2. I Go To The Zoo

When cool guy Nathaniel Plimpton got a solo number about what he does to relax, nobody in the audience expected it to be about… the zoo (and the aquarium).


3. Let's Generalize About Men

We've all been there.


4. The Moment Is Me

The underrated Vella Lovell managed to sing this over-the-top theater number while maintaining Heather’s constant state of annoyance.


5. I Could If I Wanted To

Greg’s theme song is all too relatable on days when nothing seems like it’s going right. But it could if I wanted it to.


6. Without Love You Can Save The World

After Rebecca gives up on love, this song proves that you don’t even need love to change the world.


7. I’m The Villain In My Own Story

Rebecca has a plethora of songs, but this Disney villain-esque number sticks out as one of the best.


8. Where’s Rebecca Bunch?

This song involves the whole cast in costume, so of course it’s one of the best.


9. Group Hang

The best line in this song is “I’m so afraid of horses,” and you have to watch the video to get the context.


10. Face Your Fears

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of Paula’s funny ballads.



It’s hard to pick just ten songs when every episode has two to three musical numbers and they’re normally fantastic. Here’s to season four of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and more music to get stuck in our brains for a week after the episode airs!


Cover photo courtesy of EW.