The Band Camino Concert in Athens, GA: What You Missed

In case you didn't go to Breaking the Shackle’s benefit concert with The Band Camino at the Georgia Theatre on April 9th, here’s a quick crash course on what you missed. 

The indie-rock band The Band Camino is from Memphis, Tennessee and is made up of four members: Jeffrey Jordan, Spencer Stewart, Graham Rowell and Caleb Hughes. The whole band are dynamic performers with Jordan as their frontman, and the crowd responded well and sang along to their more well-known songs like, “The Back & White,” “I Spend Too Much Time in My Room,” and “My Thoughts on You.” Before “Berenstein,” Stewart introduced the song by saying it was the one “this girl named Taylor Swift put on a playlist,” which is the way some current fans first heard of the band.

They performed two new songs during the concert. The first one was titled “Fool of Myself,” a song with scathing lyrics that are probably directed at a former flame. The crowd reacted well to this song, cheering at some of the more cutting verses. The second was called “Internet,” and it played to the millennial struggle of not being able to forget someone because you still see them online. We can’t wait until these are released!

If you aren’t sure which song you should listen to first, here are HC UGA’s top five favorites:

1) My Thoughts on You

2) 2/14

3) California

4) Berenstein

5) For a While

Photo Courtesy of Caitlyn Richtman