Valentine’s Day for Long Distance Relationships

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day every couple marks in their calendar, and the day each single dreads. COVID-19 has changed all aspects of our lives, and location is one of them. Studies conducted in 2011 found that approximately 75% of college students have been in a long-distance relationship. It can be assumed that this statistic drastically increased amid the pandemic. So how do you brace for the sting of not being able to hand your lover their card in person? You channel your inner 27 dresses Katherine Heigl: Plan. 

Write them a letter

How traditional, huh? Maybe it’s the writer in me, but there is nothing like looking at the handwriting of the person your heart aches for. Being able to hold something they held is so special, and the surprise will be even more special. Although WebMD says that it is in fact possible to spread the virus through contaminated objects, they recommend that the recipient thoroughly wash their hands after receiving the letter.

Online museum tours

If your lover enjoys art and culture, go through a virtual museum with them. You can’t hold their hand while walking through it, but you can fall in love with the same art pieces, which can be just as magical. Here are 12 museums giving virtual tours.

Communicate your sadness

If you’re upset about not being able to have a traditional celebration, talk to your partner about it! They probably feel the exact same way, and if they are a right match for you, they will know just what to say to calm your fears. Relationships are 90% communication and 10% kisses, so make sure that you are being open with the person you love about how you’re feeling. In the event that celebrating virtually feels too weird or sad, tell them that, too! You don’t have to have a COVID-19 Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to. Love looks like a million things, and celebrating your love doesn’t have to look like virtual dates and Netflix party extensions.

Same meal, different zip codes

Coming from a Latin household, cooking connects people like nothing else. You and your partner can grab the same ingredients and cook together virtually. When you’re done, you can enjoy the same meal together. If you are a horrible cook, don’t fret. Order the same meal and pick it up or have it delivered! I recommend a local Black-owned business.


Every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re with the right person

You will be missing a holiday that centers itself around love. However, just like you should be thankful during months that aren’t November, you should do random acts of love to keep this long-distance light burning. There are cost-effective ways of showing love if ordering food constantly isn’t an option for you. You are learning a new love language: distanced love. And like every other language, it takes hard work and dedication. But when the time comes to hold your lover again, every letter, Zoom call and second apart will be worth it. Happy loving.