How to Dress Like Lara Jean From 'To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before'

The past few weeks have been buzzing with news about Netflix’s new teen romance movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and there’s no denying that the movie’s love story is definitely one worth the attention. But, what’s most eye catching to me is the wardrobe of the movie’s lead female character, Lara Jean Covey, played by actress Lana Condor. Throughout the movie, Lara Jean serves the best looks, which let her inner romantic and old-soul persona shine. Taking us back to the early teen romance movies of the 90s, Lara Jean wears everything from striped shirts to button-ups and plaid skirts, along with her favorite scrunchie (RIP). Her outfits are the complete back-to-school inspiration that we need to update our fall style.

Here’s a glance at my favorite Lara Jean looks, replicated at an affordable price.

Outfit 1: Black overalls and short-sleeved striped tee

If you know you’ll be walking a lot during the day or running away from an old crush, this look has got you covered. This laid-back ensemble of a black overall worn over a short-sleeve striped shirt takes on a retro twist when paired with “dad” sneakers. If you don’t think you can pull off the “dad sneaker” look as good as Lara Jean, just check out Adidas’ new Falcon shoe collection, which turned this vintage product into a colorful modern one.

Outfit 2: The airport look

The perfect fall outfit, this simple and girly look of a buttoned-up denim skirt paired with a multi-colored long-sleeve turtleneck, is an every-day school statement, which you can get from Forever 21 for cheap. This look can be worn with these cute white Adidas sneakers, and if you want to make it a little edgier, pair it with over-the-knee yellow socks.

Outfit 3: Lara Jean's maroon outfit

This sleek and chic maroon outfit, which made Lara Jean look pretty fashionable when jumping out of her bedroom window, can be replicated with this knit cream-colored bodysuit from Bohoo and a maroon buttoned skirt with pockets from Forever 21. Accessorize the look with this small, brown leather bag from GAP and this pretty sterling silver heart locket from Kohl’s. To finish up the maroon outfit, get your hands on some classic high-top maroon converse.

Outfit 4: Pink dress and satin pink jacket

Whether you have a fake relationship contract to sign or you simply just want to be extra cute for the day, get this jaw-dropping combo of a ruffled floral pink dress from Express and a satin bomber jacket from Rainbow for less than $17. You can also rock these floral white shoes from Aldo to give your look an extra summery vibe. Finally, for a Lara Jean-approved look, tie your hair up in a high ponytail with this must-have scrunchie from Asos.

Outfit 5:  The fuchsia coat that's giving us major preppy vibes

This is one look that gives off major Clueless vibes. Take your fall layering to the next level by wearing this plaid skirt, along with a white buttoned sleek top underneath a grey sweater. Make the outfit pop with a bright-colored coat that can be worn with literally anything. Although the fuchsia coat from the movie is the stylist’s own, there’s a similar one in a blush pink color that you can purchase from Amazon. For the best part of the look, wear these mustard over-the-knee socks from Forever 21 to make your outfit even more vibrant, and don’t forget the stylish high platform black shoes from Hot Topic to give it a modern twist.

Whether you were obsessed the movie or thought it was too soapy for your liking, I think we can all agree that Lara Jean Covey’s killer style has it all. Each of us can find certain pieces from her wardrobe to suit our individual tastes and personalities.