An Anonymous Gator’s Love of UF


The Gator Nation is known for its year-round school spirit. As the spring semester comes to a close, it's a good idea to reflect on all the good the school has in it. This year alone, UF tops multiple lists for achievements in academics, sports and diversity.  Unfortunately, there are some people who don't get a chance to experience the greatness of being a Gator on campus. One college student, who would like to remain anonymous, enjoyed her time as a virtual Gator only through watching the class page. This individual, although not a student at the school, stayed in the class page and watched all the trendy comments and posts from students. She recently admitted to this close interaction a few weeks ago, and Her Campus UFL decided to ask her a few questions about this interesting “side hobby.”

Her Campus (HC): What made you join the UF class page? Anonymous Gator (AG): I joined the UF class page because it was my dream school! I've always wanted to go to UF.

(HC): What comes to mind when you think about the University of Florida and did your time on the page alter that perception? (AG): When I think of  UF, I think of a community. I think of a home and a loving society. The page didn't alter my perception, but it made me feel more apart of this loving community

(HC): Did you learn anything from the class page about the community at UF? (AG): I learned about how much everyone appreciates  each other and how everyone really talks and loves each other.

(HC): What made you stay in the class page the entire semester? (AG): I loved keeping up with all things UF! It made me feel involved and a part of the social life I could never get anywhere else! I love being on the page.

(HC): Did the class page make you want to recommend UF any more or any less to other people? (AG): Definitely more!!

(HC): Do you think the class page did a good job of keeping you informed about what's happening in Gainesville and on the UF campus? (AG): Yes with the website and the Facebook page; I feel like I never missed a minute of life at UF!

(HC): Did you use the class page more for information or entertainment? (AG): A little bit of both.

(HC): Will you keep checking the page next school year? (AG): Of course!!!


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