When to Say Farewell to Your Bras

Bras are very important. As much as they support your breasts, they can also be detrimental to your breast shape and health.

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Bras life-expectancy test: (Throw it out when…)

  • Wire issues.

    • The wire is placed at the bottom of your breast pad to support the weight of your breast, and shape the bra as it is. They create a rip on the edge of the pad and stick out sometimes.

    • The shape of the wire does not look the same as when you first purchased it. (Bent, floppy, sharp edge.)


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  • The band of the bra is stretched out.

    • You know your bras are old when you have to use the last hook.

  • 6 to 8 months after the purchase.

    • It really depends on when you bought it. For example, bras that were used during the hot, sweaty summer time would have shorter lifespan than those bought during the winter.

How to properly take care of your bra (possibly extend the lifespan)

  • When washing them in the washing machine, put them in a net designated for intimates (aka a lingerie bag).

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  • Use lukewarm water to wash them.

    • Handwashing is recommended.

  • Hook the bra before washing.

  • Do not fold the pad or deconstruct the cup, but store them on top of other bras to prevent crease and wrinkles.


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