Travel Tips to Live By

I’ve travelled to many places in my lifetime, but there is always something that I forget to bring with me!

Whether it is a short road trip or you’re taking a trip across the world, packing is not an easy task, and many of us wait until the last minute.

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The list that I already created a couple of years ago, which I found in my expired passport:

  1. Your student ID.

  2. Your student ID.

  3. Your student ID.

  4. Oh, your student ID

    1. Trust me, many museums and organizations give student discounts.

  5. Your passport or Green Card, if you are going out of the country, and a valid picture ID if you’re traveling in-country.

  6. Casual flip-flops to walk around public bathrooms, the beach, and the hotel room.

  7. All liquid items must be less than or equivalent to 100ml.

    1. Liquid Items include: Fruit jams, yogurt, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, sunscreen, makeup remover, makeup foundation, skin, toner, emulsion, moisturizer, etc.

  8. Memory card, battery, and chargers

    1. No photos can be taken without a charger, a memory card, and a battery so they are definitely an essential.

  9. Q-tips

  10. Band-Aids and/or a first-aid kit, just in case.

    1. Or if you are bringing your new high-heels or Doctor Martins that still need to be broken in, blister Band-Aids are a great choice.

  11. Plastic bags to put dirty laundry and shoes in.

    1. They’re also great for wet swimsuits or open makeup containers.

  12. Makeup and makeup remover.

    1. I sometimes put on makeup before I leave, and then forget about the whole makeup kit at home. Nothing is worse than forgetting your makeup at home.

  13. Toiletries like your toothbrush, toothpaste, toner, moisturizer, etc.

    1. Makeup is important, but your hygiene is more important.

  14. Tampons, Pads.

    1. Who knows.

  15. Cash

    1. Singles (great for tip money), tens and twenties.

    2. Be prepared to exchange currencies.

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Things to know and do before traveling

  • Emergency number

  • Basic conversation in the foreign language.

  • Call your banks and inform them you will be using your credit/debit card in whatever the place you will be visiting for how many days, weeks, etc.