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Meet Iris Choi!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Year: Third Year

Major/minor: Cognitive Science with specialization in design and interaction

College: Sixth

Hometown: Cerritos

What made you join Her Campus?

I decided to join Her Campus because I wanted to challenge myself to get more comfortable with writing, especially writing content for others. I always wanted to be a better writer, but I often shy away when sharing my writing with others. Joining Her Campus is like a stepping stone for me to move out of my comfort zone and start writing more. Her Campus stood out to me as it provides a community where I can feel safe with my writing while growing with others who hold a similar passion.  

What are you studying now? What made you interested in it?

I am studying cognitive science, more specifically, interaction design. Initially, I pursued a full-time creative job that did not require structure, full of freedom. But as I entered college and contemplated more about my long-term career, I could not find myself growing and enjoying the type of work I was pursuing. So, I decided to broaden my spectrum of interest and reflect on myself and my true desires. After a full year of confusion, I discovered UX design on the internet which I was later strongly attracted to. I became interested in this field because it seemed to provide a good balance between creativity and structure – something I was looking for. Not only that, but I found this field to be even more intriguing because of its mix between technology, visual design, and cognitive psychology: subjects that I am willing to learn.

Have you ever considered exploring other creative outlets?

I am always exploring other creative outlets! One of my favorite ways includes drawing and writing in my journal, painting when don’t want to think, taking photos of things I like, and watching movies and dramas. I discovered that creativity can never be forced, and I realized that I enjoy such creative activities only when I am doing them of my own will. I want to continue seeking more creative outlets that could add excitement to my lifestyle. 

Do you have any exciting things planned for this school year?

This school year, I plan to leave my comfort zone and try new things: meet new friends, try different activities, and visit places I have never been to. Doing something new is always exciting for me because I like trying things and discovering my interests. Even if I do not get the chance to travel far away or do something super special, I am excited for the random small events that I plan to implement in my everyday life in San Diego. 

What would you tell yourself 5 years ago?

I would tell myself from 5 years ago to read more books and talk to myself more. I want to assure myself with confidence that life is more than schoolwork, grades, and college admissions. I wish I had known that understanding myself and my passion is more important. I want to say that instead of stressing about something that does not matter significantly, to read books that help me view the world with a broader perspective and spend more time reflecting and thinking about myself.  

Sarah Min

UCSD '23

Sarah is currently studying Communication at the University of California, San Diego. A lover of music, coffee, art, and all things creative!
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