5 Things to Remember When Shopping

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  • Bring your student ID card and ask the employee if they are having any student discounts.

  • Join Unidays, an app where you can sign in with your school email and they usually offer 10-20 percent discounts for students, in stores like American Apparel, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Rag and Bones, etc.

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  • Check online first and see if they have any promotions. Some stores have online sales such as first time sign-up discounts.

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  • If you are not online-shopping, PUT ON MAKEUP.

    • This is my bias, but for me personally, putting on makeup gives me a better idea on how I would look like with certain outfits that I try in the fitting room.

    • For example, if I’m wearing little to no makeup, it would give me a vague idea of how I would look with the new preppy blouse I’m trying on.


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  • If the sale has been going on more than 3 days, it’s not worth it and don’t waste your money.

    • There’s a reason why certain products are on sale. And if there were some cute products on sale, the chance is that they would look cute on other people’s eyes too, and WILL SELL OUT FAST (in a matter of half a day).

    • Avoid being persuaded by "50% on select items”. But be persuaded by 15% off from x day to y day.


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  • Find out if their return policy is generous.

    • Lets say you are buying a new Prada item. Rather than going to a Prada store, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales have more flexible shipping and return policies on unworn, tagged items, such as purses and clothing.

Image source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2017/02/09/nordstrom-stocks-up-7-since-trump-fight?via=desktop&source=copyurl


  • This is a cute little thing that I sometimes do, but tell the staff that it is a gift (for yourself), and ask them to gift wrap your product.

    • My sincere apologies to all the store employees I annoyed!

    • But it feels like I got a gift, rather than splurging $$$.


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