4 Essential Makeup Products

Woke up late and having trouble deciding which makeup products to use? Here are 4 makeup products made to make you look awake with hardly any application time!

1. Concealer Concealer is the #1 makeup product you can use to give yourself a lively look! It can do wonders to the eyebags after an all-nighter. Just apply a little under each eye, and on any blemishes that you want to conceal, and your face will instantly seem fresher and brighter. If you’re on a crunch for time in the morning and only have a few minutes to apply makeup, concealer is quick and easy to apply and makes the world of a difference.

2. Bronzer The best way to add definition to your features is bronzer! Just suck in your cheeks and apply to your natural cheekbone line for a more angular look. Bronzer can help turn any baby face into a mature one. Be careful with how much you apply though—less is more! Bronzer is also amazing because if you want to add a little bit of flare to your look but are short on time, just take a little with your finger and dab onto your eyelids. Bronzer can help you attain a contoured and defined look while also adding a little pop around your eyes!

3. Mascara Mascara is a subtle yet big way to quickly enhance your look, and is a must for any makeup routine, no matter how simple or dramatic. Mascara lengthens and thickens your lashes, and although it may not seem to make that big of a difference in the mirror, can make all the difference through the day and in pictures. If you want to go for an even more noticeable look, false lashes are guaranteed to elevate that doe-eyed look and emphasizes your eyes even more than mascara does. But apply false lashes sparingly—you don’t want to create a dramatic look on a day to day basis. Mascara is the perfect compromise between falses and bare lashes. 

4. Foundation Depending on your skin type and how much coverage you want, foundation may not be completely necessary every day (like concealer is). However, if its an even skin tone and blemish-free look you desire, then foundation is a must. Just apply with a brush, pad, or beauty blender for a finished look. Make sure you’ve picked the right shade though, you don’t want your face to be a different color from your neck. If you’re choosing to apply foundation, make sure you apply before the bronzer so that the colors don’t get muddled together and you end up covering and distorting your sharpened cheekbones.