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23 Reasons Why Nick Miller Is the Perfect Boyfriend

If you are an avid fan of New Girl, you are probably obsessed with Jake Johnson’s hilarious character, Nick Miller. The more I watch the show, the more Nick seems like the perfect guy; not only is he passionate and kind, but he also has a nonchalant personality and an adorable face. Need more convincing? Her Campus UCSD takes you through a list of “23 Reasons Why Nick Miller Is the Perfect Boyfriend”.


1. He does what he loves.

He got into law school, passed the Bar exam, and is a qualified lawyer. Despite the conventional choice, he followed his passion and became a bartender. Nothing is hotter than a man who does what he loves and isn’t a slave to money.

2. He has the same aspirations as you.

Trying to eat less donuts? Sex and sandwiches? We are on the same page.

3. He’s philosophical and emotional​ at the same time.

Nick will be there for you whether you are having an existential crisis or simply need someone to talk to on a bad day. He’ll hold your hand and cry with you.

4. He’s a dog person.

Nick or Schmidt? This decision is ruff, but we would still go with Nick.

5. He is honest with his feelings.

No passive aggression and no games. Nick will tell you how he feels.

6. He shares your hobbies.

He would be down to binge watch New Girl all day. 

7. Nick can’t lie

Honesty is the foundation of a good relationship. Nick sweats profusely when he lies, so you will never have to worry about him lying to you.

8. He is passionate about music.

His go-to song is Cotton Eye Joe. You better get used to it.

9. He is confident.

He isn’t insecure and feels good about himself. He loves how he looks in a woman’s trenchcoat that he found in a dumpster and will wear it all week. Strut your stuff bae.

10. He takes leaps of faith.

Whenever you need him to, Nick will leap, figurative and literally, for you.

11. He has a positive outlook on life (sometimes).

He will find the light at the end of the tunnel. Just kidding. He’s a negative guy. 

 12. He knows how to make a girl feel special.


13. He is always down to have a glass with you.

…or the whole bottle.. Let’s not focus on the details.

14. Need I say anything?

15. He doesn’t always follow the rules.

He has a sweet, bad boy thing going on.

16. He remembers the little things.

Take notes boys.

17. He’s got crazy beliefs

You will never run out of things to talk about.

18. He is unconventional.

Always full of surprises, that Nick Miller.

19. Impeccable fashion choices make him a good boyfriend candidate.

Never will your boyfriend look basic.

20. He has crazy life experiences.


Whether it is childhood memories, almost losing his virginity to a prostitute purchased by his father, or being in the same room as Schmidt when he was covered in lube (just watch the episode), Nick has enough life experience to provide you with expert advice.

21. He is confident with his sexuality.

He experiments… A LOT.

22. He knows how to have fun.

Imagination is everything.

23. And best of all, he dances with his heart.

Jasmine is currently a senior at the University of California, San Diego. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Education Studies. Jasmine is the Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UCSD, along with the amazing Taylor Zepeda. Jasmine spends most of her time volunteering at low socioeconomic status elementary schools across the San Diego county and grading papers for classes she is a Teacher's Assistant in. Novel wise, she is an avid fan of Edith Wharton and the Lord of the Rings series. She also loves comedic shows like New Girl and The Big Bang Theory, but also enjoys thrillers like Criminal Minds. One of Jasmine's favorite hobbies is trying foods of different cultures; she loves visiting cultural nights and community festivals. Above all, Jasmine worships Beyonce (a.k.a. Beysus, Queen Bee, Baeyonce, etc). Her future aspiration in life is to become the Secretary of Education and have the Hov and B over for dinners.
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