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Finals Week As Told by Grey’s Anatomy

It’s finals week, which means this will be your emotional state for the next few days:

You’re finding yourself no longer caring about personal hygiene…

…or the high-protein, low-carb, gluten-free, raw vegan diet you vowed to stick with.

Your mind and body have become so tired that they can’t even perform the simplest of functions.

When your study group asks you where you want to meet, you only have one condition:

Eventually you decide that Cajé’s espresso machines are too loud, so it’s time to head to the always dependable Davidson Library. But it turns out there are some people who whisper at an obnoxiously high volume, and you’re just like:

As always, you mindlessly scroll through every social media site during your study breaks and keep seeing the overused joke “Screw finals – I’ll just become a stripper.” #stahp

You, on the other hand, still have the slightest bit of hope to hold onto and are staying true to your personal mantra of brains over beauty…

…until you receive an email from your physics professor notifying the class that he will no longer be grading the exam on a curve.

At that moment, you need all the support you can get, but your friends insist on leaving the library because it’s (only) 3 am.

Your first exam isn’t until later in the afternoon, so you allow yourself to get some sleep after a grueling all-nighter, completely forgetting about the review session being held that morning.

Soon enough, your stress level is at its maximum, and your mid-college crisis commences.

On that rare occasion when you venture into daylight, you realize that you miss the liveliness of Isla Vista and seeing people who aren’t aimlessly wandering around campus in a zombie-like state.

You’re so over finals week, and on the day of your last exam, you just angrily glare at your Blue Book like:

But when your professor starts the timer, the only thing you really want to do is look over at your friends and ask:

You get the chance to talk to them once the test is over, and you collectively agree that you have no idea whether you did really well or really badly, which is never a good sign.

But luckily, finals week is finally over, so now…

Melissa Doran
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