Veggie Grill is Now Open in Ackerman: A Tasty, Healthy Option for UCLA Vegetarians

After much anticipation, Veggie Grill has finally opened in UCLA’s Ackerman Union as a new and refreshing change for students looking into healthier meals on the go. This is ideal for vegetarians and vegans, who can struggle to find meatless options on campus. 

Everything is entirely plant-based, with ingredients such as vegetables, whole grains and nuts. The menu is broad enough to suit anyone’s palette, as it includes a variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, bowls, salads and tacos. It also features a seasonal section, which, per its name, changes once every season. The UCLA location offers the same full menu that is offered at their other locations, but there will be a few special discounts for UCLA students on the app—so make sure to download it.

One of our favorite parts of Veggie Grill was the delicious and color drink options. These healthy lemonades, limeades and refreshing teas are perfect for all those citrus lovers.

Some of Veggie Grill’s best dishes are their burgers such as the VG Beyond Burger and the Lucky Star Burger. Both use Veggie Grill’s famous Beyond patty, which is soy-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. The Veggie Grill UCLA team members described eating their burgers as "having a burger without the guilt" — so much YES!

Others' favorites were the Sonoran Bowl and new Wunderbrat. The Sonoran Bowl had wonderfully seasoned crispy brussels sprouts, a healthy serving of avocados and the fresh salsa mixed well with the black beans and tortilla strips. The Wunderbrat had a great peppery taste to the Beyond Meat bratwurst, which matched well with the mustard and the perfectly caramelized onions.

At the new Veggie Grill in Ackerman, you can pre-order on their app and your food will be waiting on the counter ready for you. This is a great way to bypass any long lines or avoid waiting too long in between classes for your quick lunch. So whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, meat-lover or foodie, Veggie Grill is a great spot to enjoy each other's company and some delicious and healthy food.