Jordyn Woods Reveals Her Truth About Tristan Thompson On Red Table Talk

You may know Jordyn Woods as Kylie Jenner's (formal?) best friend... Issues in the media transpired last week when rumors circulated about her relationship with Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy. Tristan has a terrible track record, which is something we all should keep in mind when looking at Jordyn's battle with the Kardashian Klan. At 11 a.m. on Friday morning, I woke up to the frenzy of memes and commentary about Woods' interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith on Red Table Talk, where she attempts to address the rumors and to shed light on the situation.  Woods sat down with Pinkett and shared how the Smith family has known Jordyn since she was a young child and this was supposed to change the setting of why Woods did the interview. Will Smith even has a cameo in the beginning to endorse Jordyn’s credibility, because there really is no other reason why he would sporadically Facetime during the episode. There was a lot to unpack in the thirty-minute video and I found it very disheartening to see a 21-year-old girl being bullied by the media, as well as by the people she considered like family. 

Jordyn begins her story by discussing how she went to an after-party at Tristan’s house and ended up sitting near him. This beginning was a little cloudy and I think the details were a bit suspicious, but at the same time, it was a party; anyone could have been anywhere, well except Khloe. Drugs and alcohol were also in abundance and actions were probably misconstrued. Jordyn shares her regrets of going to the after-party, but I question why a father of two children, who is also in a “committed relationship,” is hosting an after-party with a group of Jordyn’s friends, all six years younger than him. Tristan Thompson is twenty-seven years old and I think it’s embarrassing on Tristan’s part that his lifestyle of being a partier and having a troubled relationship with Khloe is even evident at this point.

Jordyn continues by making it clear that there was no relationship between her and Tristan. She comments that the two did not have relations throughout the whole night until he kissed her on the mouth when she walked out. How she ended up being the last and only person walking out the door at 7 a.m. is beyond me. However, if this is true, Jordyn is NOT the guilty party in this situation. If it was that early in the morning, this man should have been with his children, not partying and trying to hook up with a younger girl. Jordyn explains that this kiss was shocking to her and she did not know what to make of it. No man should do that and Tristan crossed every boundary as a father, boyfriend and as a friend. We still live in a culture where Jordyn, the younger and single individual, is being blamed for a man’s failed relationship. 

In all honesty, I’m sure if it was any woman, not just Jordyn, Tristan would have kissed her. I’m defending Jordyn because it could have been me in her shoes, or any young girl that went out and did not care where she was going with her friends. She blames herself for being at his house but...why?! He should have been protective and kind to her, like you would expect a friend’s boyfriend to treat you- instead of taking advantage of her intoxication and exhaustion. It’s tragic to hear that Jordyn has received death threats because of a man’s disgusting decision affecting a young woman that has a lot to lose. 

If Tristan were to have sexually assaulted or pressured her in a more intense way, would we say it was Jordyn’s fault for entering his home? I don’t think Jordyn is dumb enough to sever ties with a family that has endorsed her career and made it to become what it is today. Tristan knew that Jordyn had more to lose if she was honest about the situation. This interview gave a whole new definition to victim-shaming and reminded me of the Monica Lewinski situation in the 90’s. We need to stop shaming the young women when there's infidelity issues because the blame game is truly getting old.