HC UCLA "Turned Up The Turnout" With Bernie Sanders & The New York Times

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As we start off another school year, we all need a good dose of motivation and some words of wisdom. And this past Wednesday, October 3rd, Her Campus UCLA got some advice from Senator Bernie Sanders himself. Senator Sanders, as the longest-serving independent in congressional history, certainly has wisdom and experience to share with us.

As part of The New York Times’ “Get With The Times” speaker series, the “Turn Up The Turnout With Bernie Sanders” livestream was an interview between Senator Bernie Sanders and The New York Times National Political Correspondent Alex Burns. Her Campus UCLA hosted a viewing party at UCLA Hillel, where we watched Senator Sanders encourage college students to speak up and vote.

Throughout the interview, Sanders spoke about some current political news, like the Kavanaugh v. Ford hearing and Amazon’s recent decision to raise workers’ pay rates. And with the midterm elections just a few months away, Sanders spoke to the importance of voting and political activity. He hopes to make voter registration and voting in the U.S. more convenient and more accessible.

Sanders warned us, “The times are too dangerous for you to sit out.”  

Members of Her Campus UCLA were excited to have this livestream coincide with the first meeting of the year. Members felt it was a motivational interview that was a powerful way to start off the year.

UCLA student and Her Campus senior editor Emily Lentz says, “Watching Bernie speak to students across the nation was inspiring, and his constant reminders to get out there to vote reminded me why voting is so important. This conversation could not have come at a more appropriate time because with midterm elections coming up, and with everything going on with the Supreme Court right now, it is so important that our voices are being heard. With Bernie’s words in mind, I will continue to encourage students around me to vote and fight for what we think is right. This conversation was the perfect way to start off the school year because I now feel inspired and ready to tackle what comes next for this country.”

This interview was a great way to start off the new school year and the new term with Her Campus. Throughout the interview, Senator Sanders conveyed many messages, but one thing is definitely clear: when we use our voices and stand up for our beliefs, we are all capable of inciting change.