California Pizza Festival Is Coming To Los Angeles & We Got the Inside Scoop From the Founders

Calling all pizza lovers! On July 28th and 29th, California Pizza Festival will be making its debut in Los Angeles Center Studios. With Italy’s most prominent Neapolitan pizzerias, Da Michele and Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, as the event headliners, the festival offers guests UNLIMITED pizza from all sorts of locations such as California, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and even Naples, Italy. With the variety of featured pizzerias, guests will have the ability to choose from an abundance of styles such as Neapolitan, Sicilian, New York, gluten-free, or vegan. Truly a pizza-sampling gala like no other and you won’t want to miss it.

Fahrenheit LA 

Directors Raffaele Scalzi and Giancarlo Natale, shared with Her Campus about how California Pizza Festival was inspired by the Napoli Pizza Village, the biggest pizza event in the world!! Scalzi and Natale first launched the festival in Boston, Massachusetts. With the success it brought, the two decided to bring the pizza extravaganza right here to Los Angeles.

Prova Pizza

What makes pizza special? According to Scalzi, “Pizza is that universal food that really brings everyone together. There are so many topping combinations and ways you can cook it but in the end, it’s still PIZZA and it’s delicious.” Natale mentioned the development of modern pizza and spoke of the healthy aspects of the food. She affirmed, “Pizza is becoming more and more healthy every day. Cauliflower crust and gluten-free pizza are becoming more popular. I am very interested to see the growth and creativity the pizza world will bring to the table in the next five years.”

Margherita Pizza - Ray's & Stark Bar

Live entertainment will be provided, including live pizza-making demos from the United States Pizza Team, a meet-and-greet with World Pizza Cup Champion Chef Tony Gemignani, acrobat shows from World Champion Pizza Acrobat Danilo Pagano, and sponsored giveaways. In order to truly embody a part of Italy in Los Angeles, Scalzi and Natale collaborated with Marra Forni to bring handcrafted wood-fire pizza ovens for all the chefs at the festival.

Prova Pizzeria

For pizza recommendations, Natale considers Fior di Latte to be the best topping, while Scalzi says his is Prosciutto! Natale shared some words of advice for aspiring chefs/culinary professionals that are currently in college stating, “Cooking is not just a trade. Cooking is an everyday skill that can help you in and out of the workplace. Creativity is essential! Whether you are creating a menu or a dish, creativity will always be in your favor.” She added, “I think it’s also important to keep an open mind about the future. There are so many opportunities in the culinary world as well as other industries that call for the brains of a culinary expert.” 

Tickets for the Pizza Festival are on sale now and can be purchased online! Make sure to snag one before they sell out. For more updates, check out their Facebook and Instagram