7 Rising Artists You Need In Your Fall Playlist

Even though LA’s continuous 80 degree weather hasn’t felt much like fall these days, my favorite way to transition to the (somewhat) colder season has definitely been by making a new fall playlist. This summer, I constantly had artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, and Shawn Mendes on repeat. And while I do love my pop music, fall is my favorite season to search for chill, new artists who are perfect for this transitional period of the year. Here are the top 7 artists that I’ve had on repeat for the last month that are worthy of recognition:

1. Ryan Beatty

After taking a long break from making music, Ryan Beatty, who you may recognize on the covers of J-14 and Tigerbeat, is back and better than ever. Beatty has parted ways with his wholesome, boy-ish sound and now makes music that reflects his queer identity. In an interview with NME, Beatty spoke about how refreshing it has been for him to finally make music that expresses his experiences as a young, queer man, who for so long had to fit the mold of the archetypal teenage pop heartthrob. Beatty’s new album, Boy In Jeans, beautifully documents his liberation from his past. Songs like “God In Jeans” and “Bruise” are notable for their lyrics that are not only deeply personal, but also clearly define Beatty’s artistic abilities. Ryan Beatty is definitely an artist that is worthy of a comeback this fall.

2. Gus Dapperton

21-year-old Gus Dapperton is a perfect addition to any fall playlist. Best known for his single, “Prune, You Talk Funny”, that has over 10 million streams on spotify, Dapperton’s dreamy, new wave sound will carry you through the colder months ahead. Gus Dapperton has recently released a new single this month as well, titled “World Class Cinema”. This new song highlights Dapperton’s self-taught style and textured sound which are a novelty of his. Gus Dapperton’s song “Of Lacking Spectacle”, was also featured on the popular Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. While Dapperton is best known for his bedroom pop aethestic, he’s definitely making a transition and easily becoming a headlining artist.

3. Kim Petras

Bubblegum pop is definitely not dead, especially when Kim Petras is killing the game. Petras first found herself in media outlets after being one of the youngest people to undergo gender reassignment surgery. These days though, Kim Petras is best known for her amazing pop anthems like “Hillside Boys” and “Heart To Break”. These songs are perfect to jam out to on your way to class and are very reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen. Kim’s recently released EP, TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL.1, even pays homage to the ~spooky season~ with bops like “TRANSylvania” and “Tell Me It’s A Nightmare”. Kim is also opening up for Troye Sivan on his Bloom Tour this season! While Halloween time is coming to a close, Kim Petras will still be on repeat for me this fall.

4. Astrid S

I’ve just started listening to Astrid S, but I’m already hooked. Astrid S’s cool-girl sound is extremely refreshing, and girl pop will always hold a special place in my heart. You may know Astrid S from her hit singles, “Think Before I Talk”, “Hurts So Good” or even “Such A Boy”. However, the song that I’ve been jamming out to these days has been “Emotion”. Give her a listen if you haven’t already!

5. Kacey Musgraves

I’m usually not a big fan of country, but Kacey Musgraves is certainly an exception. Miss Musgraves has been making moves this year, opening up for Harry Styles’ concert tour and also releasing an album of her own titled, Golden Hour. Even though this album was a staple of mine during the summer, i’ve made sure to include some of my favorite songs off of Golden Hour in my newest fall playlist. I’d recommend giving songs like “High Horse”, “Love Is A Wild Thing” and “Velvet Elvis” a listen! Whether you’re a country fan or not, Kacey Musgraves never disappoints.

6. Rex Orange County

To me, Rex Orange County is the epitome of fall. Rex Orange County’s sound blends elements of jazz, soul, bedroom pop and even hip-hop to give him a unique sound. Even though Rex released songs like “Corduroy Dreams” and “Edition” a few years back, they are still songs I find myself playing over and over again. At 20 years old, Rex Orange County has already collaborated with notable artists like Tyler The Creator and Randy Newman, which you may recognize from “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” in Disney’s Toy Story. Some of Rex’s most recent tracks, like “Loving Is Easy” and “Best Friend” have both individually surpassed 50 million streams on Spotify. Rex Orange County’s smooth vocals are just too good and deserve all the praise.

7. Summer Salt

Summer Salt is another favorite artist of mine from this past summer that has easily made their way into my fall playlist. Although their sound is perfect for a day out at the beach, songs like “Favorite Holiday” (which is about Halloween!) are also a great addition to any fall playlist. If you’re going to check out Summer Salt, I’d also recommend listening to “Revvin’ My Cj7” and “Driving to Hawaii”. Summer Salt may have you missing summer, but that’s not always a bad thing.