6 Practical Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

After being in college for a couple of months, I realized that being a college student is hard. With all the tests, long walks across campus and small living spaces, I think it’s safe to say we all deserve a little TLC. If you are not sure what to ask for this Christmas or looking for a gift to make someone's life significantly easier, then this gift guide is for you. Here are 7 practical gift ideas to ask for to improve your life as a struggling college student:

1. Fitbit Alta HR

Price: on sale for $99.95 on Fitbit.com (originally $129.95)

My Fitbit Alta HR has become my holy-grail product after I got to college. It’s a small wrist-watch that tracks your steps, daily caloric-burn and sleep patterns. It can also set alarms, receive texts, and calculate your heart beat. The Fitbit is perfect for any college student that is looking to monitor their health. Because I am walking 20 minutes to class and back to my dorm every day, the Fitbit is the perfect way to track my progress. It keeps me motivated and excited to walk, and it encourages me to be more active. If you're looking to be more health-conscious to ring in the new year, the Fitbit Alta HR is the perfect gift for you!

2. Bed Rest Pillow

Price: $14.99 on Target.com

Are you tired of sitting on your hard dorm room chair? Does your back hurt from slouching in your bed while using your computer? Well, because you are a typical college student and probably answered yes to both questions, a bed rest pillow is the answer to all these problems. You can use it anywhere! This soft, plush pillow is perfect to lean on while unwinding after a stressful, long day of lectures.

3. Wireless Headphones

Price: $15.89 for the Mpow Wireless Headphones on Amazon.com

Wireless headphones are a staple for anyone. Whether you're walking to class, running at the gym or just in your bed watching Netflix, no one wants a pesky chord getting in the way. With wireless headphones, these problems can be solved. However, as broke college students, it’s hard to splurge on $159 AirPods or $200 Beats by Dr. Dre earbuds. But you can get quality wireless headphones for a a fraction of the price! My favorite ones are the Mpow Wireless Headphones from Amazon.

4. BedShelfie

Price: $34.99 (regular size) or $59.99 (plus size) on Amazon.com

As a fellow top-bunk-survivor, I can definitely relate to all the struggles. The worst struggle I face is having to risk my life climbing up and down the precarious ladder to get something I forgot down on ground level. However, the Bed Shelfie has become my new life-saver. Literally. It saves me from near-death face-plants every day. This little shelf is strong enough to hold my laptop, water bottle, chapstick, snacks and anything else I need at the moment.

5. Echo Dot with Alexa Speaker

Price: on sale for $24.99 on Amazon.com (originally $39.99) 

The Echo Dot is the perfect virtual personal assistant. By simply starting your verbal command with “Alexa…”, the Echo Dot will easily set alarms, play music, report the weather, set reminders and even tell you a funny joke. I especially love it for its alarm. As a sleep-deprived student, I have a huge problem with waking up for my classes on time. Whether it’s an 8 am or 11 am class, I can’t seem to get out of bed. My phone alarm doesn’t cut it, as I tend to mindlessly press the snooze button until it stops giving me the option. However, with a powerful speaker system, the Alexa is the perfect way to keep my attendance record on track.

6. Hydroflask

Price: $39.95 on Hydroflask.com

Hydroflasks are an essential staple to keep you hydrated and healthy in college. It comes in various sizes and beautiful, vibrant colors. This bottle is definitely worth its hefty price, as it keeps your water cold for hours. Be sure to put this on your next Christmas list!

Whatever type of college student you are, I guarantee these items will make your life easier. It’s the holidays, and I hope you take the time to treat yourself this winter!