12 Delicious Desserts We Tried at Dessert Goals L.A. and How You Can Try Them Too

We had the incredible opportunity to attend the Dessert Goals fest in DTLA! We ate dessert for breakfast, sampled a ton of different sweets and had a blast along the way! Here are our top 12 desserts from the event:

1. Gotta Have S'more 

S’mores are the quintessential summer treat and Gotta Have S’more in Fairfax creates your favorite summer treat year-round! This delicious treat is composed of a simple, yet flavorful graham cracker base and roasted marshmallow topping, which is then dipped in dark chocolate. We thought this mini dessert was perfectly portable for a trip to the beach.

2. Little Fluffy Head Cafe 

Cheese plus tea? Yes please! From milk tea with tiramisu topping to jasmine green tea with cream cheese, Little Fluffy Head Cafe is serving up some crazy good cheese tea. This yummy and photograph-worthy dessert will be taking Instagram on by storm!

3. Glorious Pies  

Glorious Pies is a gourmet food truck operated by Autism Works Now Candidates and the profits from each pie goes toward the Autism Movement Therapy, Inc., a non-profit charity based in L.A. We were given a sample of a mini fruit tart with a deliciously soft pie shell, the perfect dollop of whipped cream, and fresh summer fruit. We would definitely recommend ordering their pies for your next event, especially because the profits go to a great cause.

4. Helados Pops 

Located in the San Fernando Valley, Helados Pops is famous for their one-of-a-kind coconut sundaes that are perfect for beating the summer heat. With unique flavors like Lucuma, Cherimoya and Almond Avocado, you will never run out of creamy dessert inspiration. We couldn’t wait to find the perfect backdrop to photograph this beauty!

5. Twisted Cotton Candy

Twisted Cotton Candy really puts the 'twist’ in creating their gourmet cotton candy. As big fans of astrology, we naturally had to get toppings with our horoscope signs on it, Cancer and Scorpio! Their stand was conveniently located a few feet away from an Instagram-worthy corner filled with star and cosmo balloons and clouds. We couldn’t miss a cute photo-op!

6. Honey Butter 

Just when we thought macaroons couldn’t get any cuter, Honey Butter proved us wrong! They create macaroons with adorable creatures on them, like cute pigs, pandas, and corgis. Did we mention some of these are half unicorns? We probably ate a unicorgi macaroon. No wonder these taste magical!

7. 12 Oaks

Chewy, soft, and moist, 12 Oaks delivered the promise of a delectable cake pop. The light pink cake pop had a rich milk chocolate flavor that wasn’t too overwhelmingly sweet, but was a perfectly satisfying treat. Not only was it too pretty to eat, it was definitely a bite into cake heaven with its creamy cake filling.

8. Kape Republik

Ube, Filipino purple yam, has been making its way into the dessert sphere and into our stomachs. Kape Republik, a Filipino American Coffee House and Bakery, makes madeleines and crinkles in ube and coconut pandan flavors (the green dessert in the photo). They are soft, moist cookies dusted with confectioners sugar. Choosing between Ube and Coconut Pandan was probably the hardest decision we had to make!

9. Rockiie’s Cakes

Combining sweet and spicy flavors, Rockiie's Cakes, founded by Raquel Ratoviz and based in Los Angeles, specializes in custom cakes with many flavors to choose from, such as cotton candy, vanilla cream and chocolate ganache.The big winner is their popular cinnamon inspired succulent spice cupcake, which gave our taste buds quite a wonderful surprise. Not only are the cupcakes super delicious, but they are also very cute and realistic. We couldn’t resist! 

10. The Dirty Cookie

Cookie shots, anyone? The Dirty Cookie, founded by Shahira Marei, is known for their cookie shot glasses, lined with premium Belgian chocolate and filled with milk - the perfect combination of milk and cookies. If you’re not a fan of milk, there are also other filling options to choose from, such as coconut cold brew, toasted marshmallow, and many more! To take the visual of the cookie shots even further, every cookie shot can be customized with a cartoon character of your choice, ranging from Minnie Mouse to Kakao friends! How cute is that? The Dirty Cookie also offers a variety of cookie choices, if you’re only wanting to eat a cookie!

11. Puesto 

Puesto brought the party to us at Dessert Goals with their layered piñata cakes, and each cake had its own mini piñata sphere and hammer. Break the sphere and your cake will be fully decorated with fun confetti! Not only can you have a fun time with Puesto’s dessert options, but they also offer savory foods, such as the one that started it all for them, tacos. What a great way to fulfill your appetite - starting off with some delicious tacos and ending your meal  with a piñata cake!

12. Amborella Organics

Ever wanted to eat candy and grow your own plant? Amborella Organics combines the joy of eating lollipops with the relaxation of planting by creating organic lollipops with biodegradable sticks that will grow into a plant, corresponding to the lollipop’s flavor! The entire process is both simple and beneficial to both you and the earth, as long as you follow these easy steps! 1. Choose your flavor 2. Enjoy your lollipop 3. Plant the remaining lollipop stick into a five inch pot, horizontally 4. Water and watch your plant grow!

Thank you so much for having us, Dessert Goals. If you want to eat these sweet treats as well, here's more info on attending Dessert Goals tomorrow, July 8th, in L.A.