11 Halloween Costumes to Celebrate Halloweekend with Ease

For college students, Halloween turns into a big excuse to party. With parties ranging from the weeks before Halloween to parties on the actual night of October 31st, most college students need multiple costumes in their wheelhouse. But this wheelhouse tends to not be very large. College students tend to wear the same typical, easy, cheap, but somewhat sexy costumes. Ranging from cat to devil, students will look for their usual black going-out-to-frats clothes that they can turn into a costume with just the simple touch of a pair of cat ears. Here are more costume ideas to make sure you ~kill~ your look this Halloween!

1. Hot Wrestler

With boxing workouts as the latest trend, someone you know is bound to have a pair of gloves. Slip on your favorite sports bra and even cute pink robe to complete the look.

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

2. School Girl

A plaid skirt and maybe a pair of fake glasses is all you need to complete this Clueless themed look.

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

3. Lifeguard

Throw on your favorite red one piece swimsuit along with a lifeguard fanny pack and whistle to be ready to save some lives out at the party. 

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

4. Angel or Devil

As easy as taking your favorite white and red outfit and adding a pair of devil horns or a halo.

5. Firefighter

With a plastic firefighter hat and some suspenders, you are ready to put out fires all night long. 

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

​6. Frat Boy

Borrow your best friends plaid button down and turn it into a dress. Wear socks, boat shoes and a turned around hat for an extra touch. 

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

7. Cat or Dog

Just as simple as wearing your normal going out outfit and adding cat or dog ears.

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

8. Rock Star

Throw on your favorite rock band t-shirt, your favorite leather skirt, some fishnets, with a touch of red lipstick. 

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

9. Alien

Look out of this world with a metallic skirt and an alien headband

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

10. Cop

Add a touch to your normal go-to going out outfit with a sheriff's badge

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

11. Maid 

With a white skirt and black bodysuit, all you need is a feather duster as a finishing touch. 

(image courtesy of Pinterest)