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Listening Around the World with Spotify’s New Geotunes

Summer has come and gone and we’ve all inevitably fallen back into the routines of fall semester, but luckily weekends and holiday breaks are still filled with the promise of possible adventure. Facebook photos and memories are all that’s left of those amazing summer moments, but you can still relive those late summer nights roaming around New York City, laying lazily on the beaches of So-Cal, or that infinite feeling you felt standing on top of the world during an afternoon hike in Colorado thanks to Spotify’s new Geotunes application. Now you can look back on all those places— and many more— and relive your summer days by listening to the music of where you went.

So fear not, festivalgoers, spring breakers, winter vacationers and roadtrip takers the time for fun in the sun isn’t quite over (this is Florida, after all); Geotunes has your back. Spotify’s new Geotunes application provides Spotify users with new ways to discover relationships between songs and their geographical surroundings.

Discover music from all over the world by using the interactive map. Simply click a country, state, or city and travel the world from the safety of your laptop.

This app is exciting news for all you prospective jet-setters; pack a suitcase and a playlist to get ready for that study abroad trip you’ve been waiting for! Get a feel for the local color and sounds before ever landing on the ground.

Geotunes can easily solve the age-old problem of what to listen to in your long drive home to visit the folks, or on your next cross-country adventure! No more random mix-CDs for those long car rides. How does playing a song from each city or state on the drive from UCF to your hometown sound? Have a destination in mind? Why not blast a song from that place as you cross those city limits? Geotunes is the cure for the common roadtrip.

Come Halloween this collegiette will be headed to the Spirit of the Suwannee for Hulaween Music Festival. You can bet I’ll have my very own Florida-themed playlist up and ready to go for the drive there. The thirteen-hour drive from UCF to Bonnaroo will seem like no big deal next year when your car is exploring the sweet sounds of the Georigia and Tennessee along the way.

With the Geotunes app you can search by artist, city, or even theme to add a soundtrack to your newly nomadic lifestyle. This app caught my eye because along with helping listeners discover music about different cities, possible vacation spots, or wherever the road takes them, listeners can check out the stories behind many songs to learn the connection between song and space. Users can also search and filter songs by themes such as bars and clubs, cafes and restaurants, hometown, college daze, city livin’, and many more.

The best part of Geotunes is it’s available to all Spotify users—yeah that’s right, it’s free for anyone even if they’re not using a premium account! If you don’t already have it, simply download Spotify and then search for Geotunes with the App finder, click the blue “add” icon, and Geotunes will appear on the left side of the Spotify screen under the apps menu. To get started, try clicking on your home state to see all the songs the Geotunes creators have cataloged and start making your very own playlist!

Basically, Geotunes could be the greatest thing to happen to your roadtrip since the mix-CD, or maybe even since Pandora. Either way, it’s a fresh, interactive way to look at music as it’s combining two essential elements of everyday life— maps and music— in a totally innovative way. Summer and festival season may be over, but luckily there’s always winter break to plan one more grand adventure! How will you use Geotunes? 

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