Kayy Kollection: A Girl's Journey to Entrepreneurship

Besides being friendly, fun and invested, my roommate Kayla Buttler is the perfect person to shine a light on with Her Campus at UCF's platform. As a freshman in the process of starting her own business, my roomie is someone I see as an empowering woman that can set an example for those also interested in making money through their own means. I spent the latter part of my Tuesday evening interviewing Kayla about her business, The KayyKollection.

Kayla was interested in starting a business since middle school, specifically seventh grade. As an avid cheerleader, she was interested in selling cheerleading bows that showed off school spirit. When she got to high school, she changed her goal from selling bows to selling hair. Unfortunately, Kayla realized that funds were low and that buying hair was expensive. During senior year, she got a job and finally decided to invest in her business of selling quality lip gloss, lip scrubs and lashes. After years of dreaming and months of looking through taxes and set up, Kayla was able to launch her first official business.

For concerns of publicity, Kayla already had her personal Instagram and her YouTube channel to show off The KayyKollection. Currently, Kayla has an Instagram profile just for her business to DM with potential clients. Her two-dollar lip glosses are high quality and are naturally based, using Vitamin E oil instead of nut-based oils, for those who are allergic to nuts like almonds.

When asked why she chose her products, Kayla responded that she absolutely loves lip gloss and that though at first she wasn’t allowed to wear lashes, her interest in them was so strong that she decided to sell them.

She hopes that when she gets a larger following and has more sales, she will expand to selling perfume and more beauty products. You go girl, I’m always rooting for you!

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