How to Make the Most of Epcot's Food and Wine Festival

Going to a theme park as big as Disney is extremely intimidating if you don’t know what to do! Disney’s Epcot is known for showcasing different countries from all over the world, but when the Food and Wine Festival is in action, it becomes a whole different ball game. Don’t worry! I am going to show you what to do to make the most of this year's festival.

1. Planning

Disney created an amazing app that allows a guest to see what is going on throughout the day to all of their parks. Once you link up your ticket, you're good to go! I always start planning my trips the day before by getting FastPasses for rides, pictures, and meet and greets. This helps me plan out the order I go around the park to hit each stand. This is almost as important as the Food and Wine gift card!

Gift Cards

This amazing masterpiece gifted by the Gods helps me keep my budget every time I go to Food and Wine. I just head into the first store and I load up how much money I am able to spend that day. I never go over budget! This is the best tool to use as a college student.

Festival Passport

Right next to the gift cards are these cute and FREE passports that show every festival food item as well as their locations. Not only do you get to check off what you’ve eaten, but also there are stickers! This passport alongside the gift card is an absolute must-have.

2. Dressing Comfy But Cute

Walking around a theme park is exhausting especially when you are outside. Wear clothes that you can sweat in because it’s going to happen. I recommend wearing tennis shoes instead of sandals because trust me your feet will hurt without the proper support. Shorts, jeans, and joggers are cute and comfortable to wear as well as stylish. Tanks, tees, and crop tops are the only way to survive the heat.

Magic Bands and Ears

There are two items I recommend for every outfit at Food and Wine. Your magic band which also can be used for entrance into the park, fast passes, and photo pass. Then the above all important item that must be worn at the festival is your Mickey ears! Those two combined really hold the key to your memories. Your magic band to view your photos and your ears to be stylish in every photo.

3. What to Bring

We know that we must have a gift card, a festival passport, a magic band, and ears, but what else?

Water Bottle

I recommend always bringing a water bottle because water makes the world go round. When it’s hot and you have been outside all day, a cool sip of water can always do the trick to save you from a heat stroke.

Sunscreen and Shades

Sunscreen is a major plus, so no one gets burned; as well as sunglasses to block out all the haters.

Portable Charger

How else will you stay connected to social media when your phone is on ten percent? A portable charger is important for keeping you connected at all times.

Hand Sanitizer

I don’t know about you, but Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is about eating as much food as possible at each stand. Keeping your hands clean and germ free will help you get ready for each snack you approach.

With these tips and tidbits, I am positive you will get the most out of this year's Food and Wine Festival!

Images: All provided by the author.