8 Reasons Why Hanukkah is Low Key Better Than Christmas

Hanukkah is here and the air is full of Christmas music, green and red decorations, and of course complete neglect of anything Hanukkah related. Everywhere you turn there seems to be green and red with no blue and white to be found. Often times Hanukkah gets pushed aside by the glitz and glamor of Christmas, but that's okay. We like to keep it our little secret that Hanukkah is low key better than Christmas but I'm feeling generous today so I'll let you in on a few of them. 

1.    Hanukkah has eight days of presents and celebration. All because one little glob of oil decided to keep burning. I'd also like to mention that Schmidt from New Girl is Jewish, so there's that. 

2.    You get to eat all the fried food you want. You haven’t had real cooking until you’ve tried some classic Jewish cooking. Once you try a potato latke you can never look back.

3.    It’s an excuse to eat donuts all day long. Once again, another excuse to eat more fried food and stuff your face with jelly doughnuts…’MURICA.

4.    Hanukah is the festival of lights…so yeah guess what, we have lights too. 

5.    Adam Sandler sings a song about Hanukkah. Does he sing a song about Christmas? Nope didn’t think so. We also get a little shout out on the OC Chrismukkah episodes. 

6.    The Rugrats made a holiday episode specifically for Hanukkah.

7.    We have a game created specifically for the holiday and it involves gambling chocolate. Sounds like a pretty sweet game to me.

8.    Christmas isn’t the only holiday who has ugly sweaters! Hanukkah has some pretty tacky sweaters to compete with (for all your holiday party needs). 

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