7 Reasons to Love Brockhampton

You've heard of Brockhampton, right? No, I'm not talking about a guy named Brock Hampton. I'm talking about Brockhampton, the best boy band since One Direction. If you haven't, I won't hold it against you - that just means you're the perfect reader for this article! I'm about to tell you exactly why you should spend the next several days of your life listening to nothing but their music. Presented in absolutely no particular order, here are seven reasons to love Brockhampton:

Kevin Abstract

You're probably thinking, "that's a person, not a reason!" Spoiler alert: the members of Brockhampton are the reasons you should be listening! Let's start with Kevin Abstract - he's pretty much the founder of Brockhampton. His willingness to rap about deeply personal subjects like his sexuality is refreshing, especially in a genre that doesn't feature many other artists doing the same. After you're done catching up with all of Brockhampton's songs, go check out his solo stuff on Spotify

Matt Champion

Matt Champion is one of the more enigmatic members of Brockhampton. He can go from rapping about his resentment of rape culture, as he does in the song Junky, to letting a more playful side show, like in his verse on Gold. Personally, my favorite of his verses is the opener of one of my favorite songs, Sweet. Okay, okay - I'll stop ranting about Matt now! (But again, go check out his solo stuff on Spotify.)

Dom McLennon

With lyrics addressing relationships, mental illness, and self-harm, Dom's verses are some of the most thought-provoking across Brockhampton's discography. He tells his life story in his verse that closes out the song Milkand his website (whatwillwe.be) features an open letter he wrote to a fan who shared with him their own struggle with self-harm.

Merlyn Wood

Listening to Merlyn is basically the auditory equivalent of doing the ice bucket challenge, except it's 100% fun and not at all painful. Many of his verses focus on his decision to drop out of college and join Brockhampton, and like Dom, he gets personal about his life story with his verse on the song Milk. If you're a fan of the burger chain Whataburger, you'll probably appreciate his verse on Sweet too!


JOBA (whose real name is Russell Boring) is wild. I don't think there's a better way to describe him than that. His vocals are otherworldly, enough so that it seems necessary to go by an all-caps name. The best way to truly appreciate his versatility is with a comparison: his verse on Sweet versus his vocals for Face. Also, if you watch some Brockhampton concert clips, you'll find out that he has some wavy dance moves.


Ciarán McDonald, better known by the stage name bearface, is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. By that, I mean he's not quite as visible as the other members in Brockhampton's videos and other visual content. However, his voice carries some of Brockhampton's prettiest songs - especially Summer and Waste

But Wait, There's More: Romil Hemnani, Robert Ontinient, Jabari Manwa, Kiko Merley, Henock Sileshi, Ashlan Grey, and Jon Nunes

I told you I had seven reasons that you should love Brockhampton, and I do - but this seventh reason is actually seven reasons in one! That's because Brockhampon is more than just a boy band - it's also an art collective! That means their producers, art directors, web designers, etc. are just as much members of Brockhampton as the vocalists.

Romil - Producer

Robert - Producer and Web Developer

Jabari and Kiko (Q3) - Producers

Henock (pictured) and Ashlan - Art Director and Photographer

Jon Nunes - Management

...whew! If those seven reasons aren't enough for you to dedicate the next few days to a study in Brockhampton, I don't know what else could convince you (except maybe this MTV interview). Do yourself a favor and click all of the links I included in this article - and to top it all off, listen to Boogie too. And then listen to everything else, twice. You're welcome.

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