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Women’s Resources and Research Center

Welcome back to another exciting year, dearest Aggies! We are also thrilled to welcome incoming freshman and transfer students. You are in for a wonderful time at UC Davis!   

To make sure you all have a positive experience here, UC Davis has resources and support for you and your needs. Whether you need to look for internships, join clubs related to your academic interests, or pick up a new hobby, UC Davis has got you covered. Most importantly, this campus provides safe spaces for marginalized and oppressed communities. One such space is the Women’s Resources and Research Center. Returning Aggies know that the Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC) has been a vital part of shaping our campus into a more inclusive and positive environment. The work they have been doing since their 1971 inception has been nothing short of inspiring. Empowering women and promoting gender equity for over 40 years is no small feat!  New Aggies need to know about the wonderful, powerful, and inspiring work that the WRRC accomplishes. They are responsible for hosting events, education programs/workshops, various conferences, and making sure that their center is serving the needs of students. 

One of the most moving events the WRRC hosts is Vagina* Our Stories (V* Stories). V* Stories gives students the chance to perform narratives about gender violence and struggles. This is a healing space where individuals express themselves in addition to identifying with the community. Performers and audiences understand themselves to be part of a larger movement against gender discrimination. This is a must-see event. When people tear up remembering the performances they experienced that night, you know it’s something spectacular. 

The Righteous Babes lounge is a place where students can eat and just chill out. It’s always the perfect temperature, peaceful, and extremely comfortable. All of these conditions make it the perfect place to nap! It is also, without a doubt, the safest place to nap. 

The transgender-friendly and all-inclusive bathrooms at the Center set an example for the ways we can all be accepting of individuals of all genders. The Center’s bathrooms also take care of providing us with emergency menstrual products. They have definitely saved many of us from a potential menstrual mess! 

If you are passionate about women’s issues and spreading gender equity, they are a knowledgeable resource to consult. Their library is immense and their staff is invaluable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get the information that you need to help encourage a secure environment for people of all genders, races, sexualities, abilities, and financial incomes. The WRRC is here to encourage students of all backgrounds to keep open minds, have the willingness to learn, and show respect towards others and the stories they tell. 

The WRRC is located at North Hall on the first floor. Please visit their website for more information on their work and on how you can participate in spreading their values across campus. Don’t forget to visit the excellent staff in North Hall so you can see their work for yourself! 

All images are courtesy of the Women’s Resources and Research Center website.

Sonya Vyas is currently a fourth year student at UC Davis. She is a Pharmaceutical Chemistry and English double major. She enjoys listening to obscure music, reading constantly, making connections, and caring about everything.
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