Why I Deleted Tinder, but Why You Shouldn’t

You swipe right; it’s a match. You start a conversation ─ some cheesy pick up line or a comment about the other’s bio. Then chatting turns into meeting for coffee or a movie which then ultimately turns into doing the dirty deed. You hook up in a boy’s room that is absent of furniture and bedsheets and basically any other human necessity but hold on ─ they DO have four TVs and an abundance of alcohol. You then clean up, awkwardly try to keep the conversation going, before ultimately saying goodbye, and swiping right as soon as you walk out that door. This is why I deleted Tinder.

Now anyone that knows me, my friends especially, were flabbergasted when they heard the news. “ANU deleted TINDER? Did the world just end?” It’s true; Tinder was my thing. I was a machine that loved the attention and loved the act of swiping right. I loved it so much that I would look forward to getting out of class to get on the app, or I would be at a stoplight and what would I be doing? Swipin’. That’s when I realized it was a problem ─ when I literally just couldn’t get off of it. I would be in the middle of a conversation with a friend and they would trail off, and I would realize it was because I was too busy on that stupid app.

Image source: Rawpixel

I deleted Tinder during a rage I went into during finals of Fall Quarter. During this rage I also ate a lot of food, cried a lot, and highlighted my hair. But that’s a story for another day. Now, don’t get me wrong; I am a full advocate for hook up culture. I get it, trust me girl, I. Get. It. Deleting Tinder was not about me being over hook up culture. It was about me wanting to be present in my life and not be obsessed with what long-hair-skater-boy thought of my profile. I did not want to depend on this stupid app on my phone. So far, I have been successful, as it’s still off of my phone. But do I miss it? God, yes. Do I think about getting it back? Heck yes. Have I re-downloaded the app only to delete it 10 minutes later? Multiple times, sweetie.

Tinder is a phenomenal app and the people who created it must be rolling in money. Of course, there are your bad, weird eggs on there, but you just have to be careful and street smart. But for every bad, weird egg out there, there’s a really cute, muscly egg that has nice hair and a nice butt. It’s those nice-looking eggs that made this app so addicting. But, the app also warps your reality because you start looking at people around campus as “oh I swiped right on him, but we never talked” or “I swiped left on him by accident… let me hide.” This is all fun and games until it’s literally all you talk about and refer people to as ─ that’s when it becomes a problem.

Overall, Tinder gave me some great memories and maybe some not so good ones either but, hey, I like to call those “learning experiences.” Don’t go out with a guy that used to be a barista; he will comment on the coffee you’re drinking the WHOLE TIME. This was a “learning experience.” Don’t go out with a guy that practically lives at the gym because no matter what time of day, you will now have to wear a baseball hat every time you go so that you don’t bump into him. This was a “learning experience.”

I’m a retired Tinder veteran but I still think it’s a lot of fun, so if you haven’t already, get swiping.