SOS, My Best Friends are Tranferring

I’m lucky. College has provided me with some of the best friends I could have ever hoped for. Davis has given me pals that are caring, funny and ridiculously supportive, and while I have made several great friends through my sorority, internships, dorms, and classes, there are some people that have become my absolute favorite people: my best friends. And two of them are leaving next year.

When I found out that they would be transferring, I denied it. Absolutely not, I thought. They couldn’t leave. This school, their friends, ME.

But something changed after weeks of processing this information. How could I possibly be upset if they were taking active steps to pursue their goals? They were brave, they were bold, and they were driven. I realized that these were the exact qualities that drew me to being their friend in the first place. Leaving to pursue a better fit for their future exemplified all of the things that I loved about them.

This realization led to extreme joy. When I learned more about the programs they were enrolling in, the new cities they would be living in, and their goals they were pursuing for the future, I could tell how excited they were. I didn’t even have to convince myself to be happy because all I could do was feel proud to be their friend. They took active steps to achieve their goals and chase happiness and joy, something that I think all people aspire to do, but not many accomplish.

Their maturity and courage in their decisions inspire me. Davis will be a lot different without them. No more PB&J picnics on the Quad, no more eating taco salads together and then immediately regretting it, no more admiring the shutters on houses in our favorite neighborhood. But, these friends have given me memories I will never forget, and they have helped shape me into the person I want to be.

I am no longer sad that they are leaving. I am overflowing and bursting at the seams with joy and pride. My best friends are on their way to being in places that are better suited for them, and they are one step closer to the lives they dream of. I am so thankful that I know them. I am proud to know them.

I will be fine, and they will be fine. And by no means is this the end of a friendship. I will write letters. I will aggressively call at all hours. I will do some grand theft auto business and come visit. Life will be different. But it will be better. I can’t wait to see what your futures hold.