Logos Books: Giving Back to the Community

You may not notice anything special from the outside, but Logos Books is unique space that gives back to the community. Originally a non-profit used bookstore, the business now supports Davis's public library.

This past February, the Friends of the Davis Public Library, an organization that fundraises and organizes book purchases for the Davis library, took over the lease on the used bookstore. Now, all profits from the store go to the Davis branch of Yolo County Library.

"It was a big leap, financially and organizationally," said Sally Ryen, the Public Events and Publicity Manager for Logos Books. "We had to make certain we had enough inventory, volunteer staff, seed money, and management knowledge to begin running a bookstore."

Ryen, a UC Davis alumna, has lived in Davis for 45 years. She supported the Friends of the Davis Public Library organization for years as a book hauler and book sale cashier before taking on her role at Logos Books. 

"Besides the SPCA and some consignment stores, we are the only used bookstore in Davis now," said Ryen. "It's a big change from earlier decades when the town had three or four."

Since so many local businesses have had to close or move due to increasing rents, Logos Books remains as an example of how a business can adjust to the times and keep giving back to the community. All staff at the bookstore are volunteers and the books available for purchase are all donated by members of the community. 

Logos Books is in the heart of downtown Davis at 513 2nd St. Students can volunteer as a cashier or help sort, price, and shelve the donated books throughout the year. If you're interested in volunteering or getting to know more about the bookstore, email [email protected].