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Lessons Learned from ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’

This month, Bridget Jones — one of my favorite pop culture heroines of all time — returned to the silver screen in Bridget Jones’s Baby. While she’s now older, she’s not necessarily wiser because she still manages to find herself in incredibly awkward or embarrassing situations. However, as I watched Bridget, I realized that while she’s no Elle Woods or Leslie Knope, she has, in fact, taught me invaluable things. She embraces life and wears her heart on her sleeve, and most importantly, she reminds me that we can do anything we want, all by ourselves. So, in ‘Dear Diary’ fashion, here are some of the (spoiler-free!) things I’ve learned from Bridget in this sequel.

Dear Diary,

Let it be known that:

1. Solo dance parties are totally acceptable, no matter what age you are.

     2.  I can have as much sex as I want, but it’s best to be safe about it (and double-check that the contraceptives haven’t expired). Otherwise, I might end up in a situation like this:

3.  Aim to be daring and unafraid to take risks. Do not hesitate in snatching new opportunities at work. #girlboss.

(GIF courtesy of Bustle)

4. Always tell your doctor the truth; if they’re good, they’ll always help you feel better about your health and whatever sticky situation you’re in.

5. I should never, ever forget that I can do anything — even lug around a Christmas tree while 35 weeks pregnant — all by myself. I am my own greatest hero.

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