The Center for Leadership Learning: UCD's Best Undergraduate Resource Center

Want to become a better leader? The Center for Leadership Learning is a great way for you to explore the foundations of leadership!

Located at The Grove (formerly known as Surge III), the Center for Leadership Learning (CLL) is an Undergraduate Education academic program. It has workshops, certificate programs, and special events to help undergraduate students improve their leadership and professionalism skills.

They host a variety of workshops each week, with topics ranging from health and wellness to diversity to ethics and personal integrity. These workshops are usually in the evenings on weeknights, so you can easily go from your class to one of their amazing workshops. Each workshop is an hour and a half and features a variety of activities and speakers. They’re absolutely free for undergraduate students - the CLL just asks that you show up on time and stay for the whole workshop!

CLL’s workshops are especially useful for student leaders. These workshops help with team building, professional development, and communication, which are essential for someone who is a member of club organizations or currently working at an internship or job.

If you attend enough workshops, you can pursue a certificate program. These programs are designed to give you a deeper understanding of leadership in terms of yourself, others, and the context of your leadership. These certificate programs usually have an academic component, such as receiving credits and transcript notation once you’ve completed the program.

Additionally, the CLL hosts an amazing conference each year. The Aggies Leading the Way! Undergraduate Leadership Conference is a day full of presentations, speakers, and networking opportunities. This annual event showcases a little bit of everything that the CLL has to offer. Again, it’s absolutely free for undergraduate students!

This organization is an amazing on-campus resource for anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills. The CLL welcomes everyone, regardless of academic year, major, or prior leadership experience.

For more information, visit the CLL website: